10 Monologues from Characters in Family Conflict (2022)

10 Monologues from Characters in Family Conflict

Written by Meghan Mitchell

January 9, 2017

Looking for a monologue that grapples with conflict in family matters? These monologues feature characters frustrated at their mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters. They are finally attempting to break free from their family ties. Whether these characters are in broken homes, plagued with divorce, abuse, or misinterpreting kind acts as acts of embarrassment, these characters all have one thing in common—their own family issues.

A monologue from Hearts by Rosary O’Neill

10 Monologues from Characters in Family Conflict (2)

(Male, Dramatic, Late Teens-20s)
A critically ill young artist must reject his family’s fortune to pursue his precarious passion to make art. An antebellum mansion in the Garden District, New Orleans, Louisiana creates the setting for this artist’s last fight. When a new age nurse arrives and proposes the hope of a renewed life at a distant artists colony, the man must choose between his doomed if comfortable Gothic history and a bohemian precarious future. In this monologue, Rooster—the artist—tries to spare his girlfriend from his monstrous mother.

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A monologue from Ronnie’s Cabinet by Olivia Briggs

10 Monologues from Characters in Family Conflict (3)

(Female, Dramatic, 20s-40s)
Sarah has told Ronnie that she has terminal cancer, and despite his protestations, she does not want to fight it. In addition, after years of denial and Ronnie playing the victim, Sarah has just gotten Ronnie to acknowledge the turmoil that she had to deal with growing up with their overbearing, perfectionist father.

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A monologue from Another Paradise by Donna Spector

10 Monologues from Characters in Family Conflict (4)

(Female, Dramatic, 20s)
Set in Paradise, Kentucky, Another Paradise is a full-length memory play narrated by two women, Birdie Mae Tyler, and her daughter Neva, both on a journey of self-discovery. In this monologue, Neva talks to her mother about being ashamed of her family. Neva is very elegant, and speaks with a genteel Southern accent. However, she was not brought up to be elegant and has issues with the way she was raised.

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A monologue from Women of Choice by David Rush

10 Monologues from Characters in Family Conflict (5)

(Female, Dramatic, 20s-50s)
This standalone monologue is entitled “SALLY, the Victim.” Sally is speaking to her brother, Martin, who has been overseas with the Army (and who has also left her with their elderly mother). Sally has done unspeakable things; she blames Martin for the downward spiral she experienced while taking care of their mother, and her take on the subject is one of blameless victimhood, not remorse.

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A monologue from Behind Cut Glass by Rosary O’Neill

10 Monologues from Characters in Family Conflict (6)

(Male, Dramatic/Serio-Comedic, Teens)
This is a Southern comedy about mature love found later in life, and the trouble and insight that such discoveries can bring. Though well-warned, Kitten, a runaway housewife, decides to travel with her Tulane professor, Beau, on a train trip through the Louisiana swamp. Their plans are upset when her son, Bunky, in an effort to punish her, shows up as a stowaway on the train. Kitten and Beau struggle through their disappointments, mourning the futility of their lives, while the hurricane brewing outside the train builds toward its inevitable whirlwind of destruction. In this monologue, Bunky defends running away from home.

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Dad’s Best Friend by R.J. Ryland

10 Monologues from Characters in Family Conflict (7)

(Male/Female, Dramatic, Juniors-Teens)
This monologue is not from a play; it is a standalone piece. This scene entitled, “Dad’s Best Friend.” A child begins talking about their relationship with the family dog and how the dog is mean to them. But the monologue turns into a sad reflection on how the child doesn’t get as much love from their father now that the child’s mother is dead. The father dotes on the dog instead. This is a great monologue for an actor exploring deep emotion connection to a family member and sadness.

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A monologue from Christmas Superpowers and Believing in Blitzen by Tara Meddaugh

10 Monologues from Characters in Family Conflict (8)

(Male, Dramatic, Juniors-Teens)
Sam tells us about his Christmas morning. He received oranges in his stocking for Christmas, and he really wanted chocolate. When he complains to his parents, his mom becomes upset, and his dad reminds him that some things are just tradition. Sam looks around the living room and sees all the things that his mother has done in order to make Christmas come to life in their house. He decides, after seeing these decorations, that he should be thankful for his gifts. He and his parents make orange juice with the oranges he gets for Christmas; a monologue featuring family conflict/resolution.

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A monologue from For Our Mothers and Fathers by Crystal Skillman

10 Monologues from Characters in Family Conflict (9)

(Female, Dramatic, Teens)
All Girls Rock Camp in the wilderness. Donya, seemingly confident and cool, but has her own fears for sure, plays guitar. She has entered in the middle of a conversation between two other girls: Max and Lil. In the middle of an explosion of emotions between the two girls, Donya speaks to break the tension. She talks about her childhood and how she always wanted to run away. Before leaving for camp, she discovered that her mother was part of a circus, a lifestyle that demands “running” for all of its travel. Donya reveals that she writes for her mother and to capture the feeling of wanting to stay.

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Separated by R.J. Ryland

10 Monologues from Characters in Family Conflict (10)

(Male/Female, Dramatic, Juniors-Teens)
This monologue is not from a play; it is a standalone piece. This scene entitled “Separated.” A child has heard the night previous that their pet parrot, Hugo, was taken away by the child’s father. However, the parrot wasn’t just taken away, he was bought. It is revealed that the child’s parents have gotten a divorce and that possessions are being split up based on which parent purchased them. The child is afraid that they will also be bought. A great monologue for an actor exploring dramatic work or a role that calls for a deep emotional connection to family.

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A monologue from Warriors by Hayley Lawson-Smith

10 Monologues from Characters in Family Conflict (11)

(Video) Wonder (2017) - Two Things About Yourself Scene (2/9) | Movieclips

(Male, Dramatic, Teens-Early 20s)
In this monologue, Peter, in his final year of high school, is pondering yet another ridiculous essay question. His mother always called him “Peter Pan” while growing up, attempting to keep him young forever in her mind. After growing up and not wanting the embarrassment, Peter yells at his mother which finally puts an end to his childhood persona. (Words in [brackets] indicate American substitutes for the Australian words.)

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Meghan Mitchellis a working actor who graduatedcum laudefrom North Central College in Naperville, Illinois with a B.A. in Musical Theatre. She loves Shakespeare and nightly fireworks, and after working regionally and on ships, she is now proud to call Orlando her home.
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What are some examples of monologues? ›

A monologue involves one character speaking to another. A better example of a monologue is Polonius' speech to his son, Laertes, before Laertes goes to France. Here, he gives advice for how Laertes should conduct himself overseas. "Yet here, Laertes!

What is the most famous monologue? ›

Best Monologues of Actors
  • Charlie Chaplin – The Great Dictator's finale. ...
  • A Few Good Men – You can't handle the truth! ...
  • Joker – Talk Show Monologue. ...
  • Hannibal – Meeting Clarice. ...
  • Game of Thrones – Tyrion's Confession. ...
  • Little Women (2019) – Jo's I want to be loved. ...
  • Stoker – Mother and Daughter Conversation.
Feb 17, 2022

What are character monologues? ›

In the strictest terms, a monologue is a piece of theater that features only one character speaking. The character might be alone and talking to himself or directly to the audience, or the character might be speaking to another character or characters.

What is a monologue for students? ›

In a play format, a monologue is a character speaking a long speech, addressing the audience, other characters in the scene, or themselves.

10 Monologues from Characters Fighting with Siblings

(Female, Dramatic, Teens – 20s) Sharree, an activist African-American woman, and Junior, her brother, sit in the diner.. Sharree is Junior’s baby sister.. Jean blames her brother for inheriting everything of their mother’s personality, both the good and bad.. She recounts all the traits that Boxer got but she didn’t — stoicism, charm, good looks — and, in doing so, asserts what she’s long believed: that she was never their mother’s favorite child.. (Female, Dramatic, Juniors – Teens) This monologue is not from a play; it is a standalone piece.. (Male, Dramatic, 20s – 30s). Vin, a stranger Peter has never met before today, is sitting on his towel on the beach.. Peter’s father is dying, and his family does not accept that Peter is gay.. A monologue from Degas in New Orleans by Rosary O’Neill

Jan 20 2022 middot dramatic readings and plays contributors voice the individual characters when complete the editor compiles them into

I almost didn't write this review.. I felt that to speak of this book would be to contain what it did to me, to diminish it somehow.And I didn't want to do that.. ... 10 Monologues from Characters Who Need to Apologize; 10 Monologues from Male Characters: Fathers ..... The most famous of Shakespeare's characters are ..... ; All of the Other Reindeer: The Shadows of Rose DLC trailer shows her in great distress and angst as voice clips of people (presumably her ..... such a great finale to a really awesome series.. After reading the book of stories now I understand why all the noise and fuss.. Like a novel or a short story, a narrative poem has plot, characters, and setting.

9 Dramatic Female Monologues from Characters in Crisis

(Female, Dramatic, Young Adult, Anorexia) Chiraptophobia is an inspiring and innovatively structured examination of a community’s struggles with grief and guilt in the wake of the loss of a teenage girl to an eating disorder.. (Female, Dramatic, Young Adult, Suicide) Mack, Cam, Timp and Benny share a flat in Edinburgh.. The festivities continue the following evening when the boys are joined by Timp’s girlfriend Laura and Sophie, who we soon understand is having a secret relationship with Mack.. During the course of the evening, Sophie confesses to Laura that she is in love with Mack and that it was while she was still with Peter that she started seeing him.. She explains to Laura that Mack had told her that before anything could happen between them she would have to choose between him and Peter.. Laura then makes the connection between Peter’s suicide and Sophie’s choice.. (Female, Dramatic, Young Adult, Pregnancy) Peta’s bedsit, London.. Before they leave, Peta is insistent that Colin listens to her.. (Female, Dramatic, Young Adult, Transgender) This standalone monologue is entitled “MARCIA, the Diver.” Marcia is a transgender woman who has saved almost enough money of her goal ($35,000) to complete her gender reassignment surgery.. (Female, Dramatic, 18-22, Depression) Autumn (19) is on the verge of a manic episode right before a tea party planned for her sister Helen’s fiancé whom she secretly loves.. (Female, Dramatic, Young Adult, Violence) Prague.. She mentions that she thought about staying in Prague, and the translator asks her if her father would miss her.. She also serves as the Casting Director for The Imagination House.

10 Monologues from Characters Coping with Mental Illness

Are you in search of a monologue from a character dealing with mental illness?. Even though they have class together at school, Travis and Erynne don’t know each other.. (Male or Female, Dramatic, Teens) This character sits in a church at a funeral for one of their classmates.. Her past dysfunctional sexual relationships haunt her through the guise of an “Everyman Lover” who lives mostly in Julia’s mind.. In this monologue, Julia describes how depression feels to the audience.. By the end of the day, Nick is no longer a goth.

Inner monologue is a useful literary device for showing your characters' private thoughts, feelings, dilemmas and secrets. Read examples and tips now.

In prose, inner monologue typically reveals a character’s private impressions, desires, frustrations or dilemmas.. How and why might you use internal monologue?. Use inner monologue to reveal unspoken thoughts Describe others from a specific POV Show private dilemmas Reveal self-perception and mentality Show personal associations. Yet you can also create immediacy by making characters’ actual thoughts intrude on the scene.. The inner monologue reveals:. Inner monologue here, by revealing Luisa’s unspoken thoughts mid-conversation, adds to her character while also illustrating her relationship with her boss.. ‘Thank you,’ says Luisa to the old man.. Why is this internal monologue effective?. The internal monologue shows the character weighing different outcomes – meeting the men on the stairs or not.. LEARN MORE Inner monologue in a story may be used to reveal a character’s self-speak and preoccupations.. Stop, definitely don’t wink at them.. No, you look like you’re interviewing to be someone’s damn body guard.. Use inner monologue to show the personal associations people make.. Take, for example, this passage of internal monologue in Woolf’s novel To the Lighthouse :. The inner monologue suggests Ramsay associates domestic life with lack (‘she, only this – an infinitely long table’).

Ways for screenwriters to create more compelling and engaging movie villains with thought-provoking villain monologues.

Enter thought-provoking villain monologues .. And in the more disturbing cases (see below with the truly evil Colonel Hans Landa in Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds ), what if you could understand the evil just a bit more when you learn the unreasonable reasoning behind their horrific intentions and actions?. And to do that, you may need that thought-provoking villain monologue.. And even better, the moment where you make them empathize with the villain because of that perspective — even if it's for just a brief moment (except for those truly evil characters like Hans Landa).. Here we present the ten best and most thought-provoking villain monologues that accomplish that kind of cathartic moment.. And we even learn that Kurtz isn't just some evil villain.. Writing thought-provoking monologues is an easy way to inform the reader and audience on the inner-workings of the villains you create.. So when you're writing a script that has a villain wreaking havoc, don't forget to include that all-powerful and thought-provoking monologue to make your script even better.

Looking for monologue examples to write your own? Or perhaps you need to pick the perfect one for an audition? Find just what you need with our list.

But the literary term monologue typically refers to a speech given by a character in a book, film or stage performance.. Keep reading for monologue examples from works of literature and film in which characters express their thoughts and emotions.. On the page, monologues are large pieces of dialogue from one character to another character (or characters).. William Shakespeare's works are well known for their monologues, but you can find these dialogue devices in other plays and novels as well.. When you think of Shakespeare's Hamlet , the title character's famous "To be or not to be" speech may come to mind as a prominent monologue.. BewareOf entrance to a quarrel, but being in,Bear’t that the opposed may beware of thee.Give every man thy ear, but few thy voice;Take each man’s censure, but reserve thy judgment.Costly thy habit as thy purse can buy,But not express’d in fancy; rich, not gaudy;For the apparel oft proclaims the man,And they in France of the best rank and stationAre of a most select and generous chief in that.Neither a borrower nor a lender be; For loan oft loses both itself and friend,And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry.This above all: to thine ownself be true,And it must follow, as the night the day,Thou canst not then be false to any man.Farewell: my blessing season this in thee!". Like most important literary monologues, this speech is important in both content and timing.. "My noble father,I do perceive here a divided duty:To you I am bound for life and education;My life and education both do learn meHow to respect you; you are the lord of duty;I am hitherto your daughter: but here's my husband,And so much duty as my mother show'dTo you, preferring you before her father,So much I challenge that I may professDue to the Moor my lord.". This monologue is surprisingly progressive for Ibsen's time, as it allows a female character to not only doubt her husband's love but to reject it.. His impassioned monologue reveals Atticus's true character — and the jury's ultimate failure to listen reveals the societal force Atticus is up against.. Most well-written plays and books use monologues to express how characters are feeling during an important moment.. Film characters also use monologues to express their opinions and feelings, usually in a moving, sweeping moment that provides an important plot point.. Check out these examples of monologues from famous films, as well as a list of additional films that include monologues.. The monologue is the first moment the audience sees George as an adult; not only the son of a great man but a great man himself.. Aside: Definition and Famous Examples in Literature Many famous works of literature use asides to reveal a character’s true motivations.

A short scene featuring a version of an American family in the suburbs and all the relationships and issues that invent themselves amongst loved ones.

FRED: I got nothing.. FRED: See you when you get here.. FRED?. (In comes Fred and Tobey). MARGE: Fred, what are we gonna do about this now?

A list of monologues for kids under 15 years old. Monologues for boys and girls. Great for auditions and performance practice. Resource for teachers.

We have split this page into material for boys and girls, but remember that most monologues can be performed or adapted for any young person.. Well, thing is, you won’t be coming home with us this time.. You don’t need to be scared, I’m pretty sure I’ve met all the vets and nurses and they’re all really nice!. Age Range: 11 – 13 Years Genre: Drama/Comedy Synopsis: Ethan plucks up the courage to ask Sarah to go to the skate park after school and watch him do a kick flip.. Age Range: 7 – 12 Years Genre: Drama Synopsis: Abe’s dad is trying to teach him to play baseball on a hot summer day.. Here, I’ll be the news guy: “Tonight, everyone is very boring in the whole world.. We basically just sit on the beach or by the pool all day and go out for dinner together at night.. I love the feeling of being in the sun all day and then washing my hair in a cold shower to cool off.. PATTY:. I don’t have many friends at school.. I’ve been playing COVEN ever since kids in my class started growing out of Minecraft and Roblox (although they’re both still pretty fun, if I’m honest).. Age Range: 7 – 8 Years Genre: Comedy Synopsis: Lila wakes up on Christmas morning, hoping to get a soccer ball from Santa, but things don’t seem to go her way…. Age Range: 7 – 10 Years Genre: Comedy Synopsis: Addy fell asleep while chewing gum.. Age Range: 7 – 10 Years Genre: Drama Synopsis: Nina just found out from her best friend, Ashley, that she wasn’t invited to their friend Britney’s sleepover party.. Age Range: 9 – 12 Years Genre: Drama Synopsis: Marissa’s mom has been sick for over a month, so Marissa has been in charge of keeping the house clean.

Funny monologues are a good way of practicing your acting skills. Whether you need one for your own practice at home or for an audition, here you have a list of monologues to choose from and to make people laugh.

Monologues can be inspiring, serious, or funny.. Below you will find 10 funny monologues from TV, films, and plays that not only show off your comedic acting skills, but also give you a little inspiration.. The play is set during the 19th century, so the monologue allows you to show off your comedic skills in a classic and professional manner.. His monologue is funny, ut in a cute, awkward way.. As rough-and-tough as Megan is, she cares for her friends and tries to help one in particular with one of the most up-front, honest, funny monologues in female comedy history.. If you’re looking for funny monologues that are on a more classic level, William Shakespeare is the king of classic, subtle humor.. Puck is traditionally played by a male, but this monologue could be suitable for showing off the comedic talents of both men and women.. In one of the most neurotic, funny monologues, she shares her past and the truth about the murders of her husbands and family.. This monologue is both poignant and funny.. This monologue makes audiences laugh because it is hilariously written and performed, but also true.. Audiences are easily entranced by one of the most classic, funny monologues in film-history.. The funny monologues on this list are sure to inspire your funny bone and get the audience laughing up a storm.

Are you writing a screenplay? Get inspired by these monologues and then write your screenplay in 5 weeks with this...

See the sad thing about a guy like you is in 50 years you’re gonna start doin’ some thinkin’ on your own and you’re gonna come up with the fact that there are two certainties in life.. There are so many great moments and speeches in this film.. In the first instance, Jules is a powerful figure, towering over Brett and delivering vengeance.. All that from one speech?!. Greed works.. Greed, in all of its forms – greed for life, for money, for love, knowledge – has marked the upward surge of mankind.. Sometimes I wonder if I’ve changed so much my wife is even gonna recognize me whenever it is I get back to her — and how I’ll ever be able to tell her about days like today.. I love the smell of napalm in the morning.. You know, one time we had a hill bombed, for twelve hours.. In this scene, one of the most famous in film history, Terry has been put on Friendly’s hit list, and he tells his brother that if not for the fixed fight, he could have made something of himself, “been somebody.”. Beale: I don’t have to tell you things are bad.. Didn’t see the first shark for about a half an hour.. And then, ah then you hear that terrible high pitch screamin’ and the ocean turns red and spite of all the poundin’ and hollerin’ they all come in and rip ya to pieces.Y’know by the end of that first dawn, lost a hundred men!. I don’t know how many men, they averaged six an hour.. So, eleven hundred men went in the water, three hundred and sixteen men come out, and the sharks took the rest.

Selected by Dr Oliver Tearle The dramatic monologue is a literary form that really came of age in the 1830s, thanks to Tennyson and Browning most of all. Below, we’ve selected some of the greatest …

Below, we’ve selected some of the greatest examples of the dramatic monologue: a poem spoken by a character (rather than the poet themselves) in a dramatic situation, whereby that character reveals their personality through their speech.. In this poem, the first example of a dramatic monologue on this list, she writes in the character of a black female slave in the United States, on the run having endured a series of horrors: her lover has been murdered and she has been raped, and the baby that resulted was deemed ‘too white’ because of its mixed ethnicity.. Writers of dramatic monologues have often turned to mythical characters for their subjects and speakers, and this early Tennyson poem is such an example.. Tennyson uses the dramatic monologue to stirring effect, but the dramatic situation also invites us to question Ulysses’ actions, and especially the impact they will have on his wife and son whom he leaves behind (again).. Despite the poem’s reputation as one of Browning’s finest dramatic monologues, it – like much of Browning’s early work – was largely ignored during his lifetime.. Written in around 1910 while Eliot was still in his early twenties, this poem is one of the most famous modernist examples of the dramatic monologue.. Eliot is following French Symbolists like Jules Laforgue – who was fond of adopting personae or characters as the speakers of his poems – rather than Victorians like Tennyson and Browning, while the dramatic quality of Prufrock’s speech is drawn from the Elizabethan and Jacobean dramatists Eliot so revered.. Although this is a dramatic monologue spoken by the wife of Orpheus – the musician from Greek mythology – like many of the poems of Hilda Doolittle or H. D. (1886-1961), the poem clearly had its origins in Doolittle’s own life.


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