14 Signs Your Ex Regrets Dumping You - Magnet of Success (2022)

Signs your ex regrets dumping you are all direct—which implies that this post is for those dumpees who have gotten back in contact with their ex and are now looking for some kind of hope.

Most dumpees are incredibly curious as to whether their ex will ever regret dumping them.

Due to their separation anxiety, they stay vigil day and night and desperately look for various signs and clues of a regretful ex.

But since their ex appears far from regretful right after the breakup, the lack of positive signs usually does more damage than good.

More often than not, their dumpers’ happiness, elation, and a new and exciting life hurts the dumpees and shatters their self-esteem.

Since their ex’s actions and inactions cause them pain, dumpees often lose a sense of direction and become even more dependent on their ex to show them the way.

And that’s how dumpees find themselves in a standstill—not knowing what to do anymore.

As a result of confusion, they deprioritize themselves and their ex-obsession begins to form.

So if you’re looking for clues and signs you ex regrets dumping you, look no more. This article will provide you with 14 different signs.

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1)Your ex wants to hang out with you all the time

One of the best signs your ex regrets breaking up with you is when your ex craves and/or demands your attention.

When your ex does that, there is truly no better way to know that your ex:

  • respects you and thinks highly of you
  • admires you to a decent degree
  • likes you as a person as well as your attention
  • thinks of you and misses you often
  • relies on you for his or her happiness

So if your ex shows signs of wanting more from you than he or she did before or right after the breakup, you’ve got yourself a great sign.

It’s a sign that your ex’s feelings for you are growing and that you need to keep doing exactly what you’re doing.

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This indicates that if your ex wants to hang out with you often, don’t be afraid of going to various places with just the two of you.

Your ex probably just needs the right place and time to either tell you or show you that he or she is still interested in you.

2)Your ex can’t stop asking about you

Another great sign of a regretful ex is when your ex obsessively searches for clues about your post-breakup life.

Your ex could ask about your:

  • health
  • dating life
  • education and career
  • friends and family
  • hobbies and activities
  • private life

When your ex keeps talking and asking about you and returning to the same topic over and over again, your ex is giving you a strong sign of regret.

He or she could be envious, jealous, or curious about your new life and may wonder what you’re up to.

Questions such as, “Does my ex not miss me, who is my ex with, I dumped my ex, why isn’t he/she running after me” could pop on your ex mind.

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This is something your regretful ex can experience when you follow the rules of no contact and refuse to give away any information about you.

So when your ex gives you this sign, your ex is probably insecure and regrets his or her decision about dumping you.

3)Life has given your ex lemons

This one is my personal favorite.

I’ve seen it happen so many times I’ve stopped counting.

If your ex let you go and is now in great pain because of something unpredictable, you’ve got one of the best signs your ex regrets dumping you.

The reason why it’s so great is that people often regret making bad decisions only when they realize they’ve lost something they took for granted.

In other words, only after your ex has had the time to explore life on his or her own can your ex discern whether it was a good decision to let you go.

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If your ex’s life turned sour shortly after he or she left you, your ex could regret dumping you due to the lack of strength and security to work through his or her difficulties.

That’s when your ex will quickly remember you and selfishly run back to you to soothe his or her anxiety.

So follow the indefinite no contact rule as it’s the only way to make your ex regret dumping you.

4)Your ex is suddenly incredibly nice to you

This sign of regret is similar to the last one. When your ex acts incredibly nice to you after turning super cold, your ex probably regrets his or her malicious words and actions.

Your ex may not necessarily want you back, but your ex may regret treating you horribly.

And that’s good enough for now.

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If your ex regrets treating you badly, something has likely happened to your ex that made him or her self-reflect.

Perhaps someone treated your ex just as badly as he or she treated you—so your ex now realizes how you must have felt.

The reason why this is a good sign is that it shows that your ex cares about his or her conscience. It shows that your ex is capable of change and regret and that he or she might eventually come back.

But for reconciliation to occur, two things must first occur.

  1. Your ex must remain self-aware.
  2. You must be on your best behavior.

5)He or she is talking about positive memories

One of the best signs your ex regrets dumping you is when your ex talks about your past with a tinge of nostalgia.

When you see your ex smile, laugh, and recreate his or her best memories and share them with you—your ex feels affectionate toward you.

He or she considers your relationship with you as warm, loving, and fun—so your ex could feel the same way about you now.

You must understand that it’s nearly impossible to feel loving emotions toward someone’s past—while feeling anger and contempt toward the present.

In simpler terms, your ex either likes you now or dislikes you then and now. It’s sort of black and white.

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So if you hear your ex talking nicely about how much fun you had in the past as a couple, join your ex and agree with him or her.

You’ve got yourself a great sign that your ex regrets letting you go.

You just have to play along until your ex realizes you’ve improved as a result of the breakup, and that your old shortcomings are no longer a part of your persona.

6)Your ex can’t stop complimenting you

Another sign your ex regrets letting you go is when your ex compliments you all the time.

Your ex could compliment your:

  • progress since the breakup
  • great looks
  • personality
  • choice of clothing style
  • wisdom and knowledge
  • intelligence
  • strength

When your ex does this, he or she is asking for recognition. Your ex basically has expectations of you and believe it or not—wants to feel equally praised in return.

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That’s why you can expect your overly complimenting ex to regret breaking up with you.

Your ex wouldn’t be trying to extort validation from you if he or she didn’t feel deserving of it.

So pay attention to compliments and praises from your ex as they could be one of the last signs your ex regrets dumping you.

7)Your ex is flirting with you like a madman

Flirting is a sign of compatibility and attraction, hence why flirting with your ex is one of the best signs you could encounter after the breakup.

When your ex flirts with you, he or she feels great to be around you. And when your ex appreciates your presence, your ex is one step away from connecting the remaining distance between the breakup and reconciliation.

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If your ex is flirting with you, pay attention to your ex’s affection toward you. Look at your ex’s body language, his or her touches, tone of the voice, comments, and everything that shows that your ex likes you.

Think of your ex as someone you have a crush on and remember that the signs that your ex still loves you are basically signs of attraction.

These signs are the same with all human beings regardless of their gender as we are all biologically wired to be attracted to one another.

So unless your ex is not a human being, it applies to your ex as well.

8)Your ex is pretending to have everything under control

Another great sign your ex regrets dumping you is when your ex pretends everything is going well for him or her.

When your ex puts on a mask and pretends to be over you, your ex is basically fighting his or her reality.

By appearing happy to be single when your ex is in fact not, he or she is deceiving himself or herself.

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Your ex knows that he or she is struggling, but your ex has too much pride to admit it. He or she is driven by ego so your ex would rather take a butt-whooping than to admit that he or she has made a mistake in dumping you.

That’s why a pretending ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend is one of the best signs your ex regrets leaving you.

9)Your ex reappeared after getting dumped

Earlier we mentioned that exes come back for themselves. So when your ex gets dumped and experiences a taste of his or her own medicine, your ex will likely look for a quick heal.

That quick heal will likely be you—the person who’s always been there for your ex.

So if your ex is dating someone else and comes back in your life the moment his or her relationship ends, your ex likely regrets breaking up with you.

Or rather—your ex regrets being in his or her unfortunate situation and wants to feel empowered by you again.

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When your ex feels anxious, worried, or in pain, your ex will probably profess his or her undying love to you again and promise you the world.

People – especially dumpers can be that selfish. They often come back for their own egotistical reasons and leave the moment they acquire them.

That’s why I’d like you to think twice before you accept your ex back.

Be wary of your ex’s real intentions as your ex could regret dumping you and use you for his or her own benefits.

10)Your ex is apologizing to you A LOT

Just how you likely want to apologize to your ex for something you may or may not have done, so could your ex.

When your ex does, know that there’s a reason behind your ex’s actions.

He or she most likely regrets treating you like dirt and might even regret dumping you.

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So pay close attention to your ex’s behavior and find the real reason why your ex is apologizing to you.

Your ex could have a secret agenda.

It could be to:

  • alleviate his or her guilt
  • acquire validation and support
  • express his or her regret

No matter what the reason behind your ex’s apology could be, hear your ex out.

If he or she truly regrets dumping you, your ex will let you know. You don’t have to sniff out your ex’s sneaky, ninja intentions. You just have to wait for your ex to make a move.

This could take a day or it might take a week or longer than that. But it will, without a doubt happen eventually on your ex’s terms.

Provided your ex regrets dumping you, of course.

11)Your ex says he/she needs you

The “I need you in my life” is a sign of weakness and regret. It shows that your ex is dependent on you to a certain degree and that he or she wants you to remain in his or her proximity for some kind of emotional support.

When your ex “needs you” he or she is relying on you and your bond to make his or her life easier.

14 Signs Your Ex Regrets Dumping You - Magnet of Success (12)

That’s why your ex’s demand for emotional support can be a sign your ex regrets letting you go.

Your ex has to realize first that it’s you who continuously make your ex feel stronger.

And once your ex does, he or she needs to verbalize his or her discovery and commit again.

12)Your ex is with someone else but still contacts you every day

When your ex is dating someone else but messages you so frequently that you feel like your ex’s partner more than his or her actual partner, you’ve got one of the obvious signs your ex regrets breaking up with you.

Your ex wouldn’t be talking to you all the time if his or her relationship was magnificent in every way.

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Something probably isn’t working out for them so your ex is likely communicating with you because you get along better.

Perhaps you understand your ex better than your ex’s new partner and your ex naturally drifts toward you.

So if that’s what’s happening, your ex’s rebound relationship is probably going to fall apart soon.

And when it does, your ex may cling to you for love, support, and understanding.

13)Your ex keeps inviting you to his/her home

One of the signs your ex regrets dumping you is when your ex keeps inviting you to his or her home.

It’s such an obvious sign because our homes represent our comfort zone. They are the place we feel most comfortable in—which coincidentally implies that your ex also feels comfortable with you.

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When your ex invites you home, you can be certain that he or she is okay with having you close by.

So accept his or her dinner invitation, and if you feel strongly about your ex—get to the second base.

14)Your ex stalks you

One of the most obvious signs your ex regrets dumping you is when your ex-partner stalks you.

It’s such a great sign because a detached ex wouldn’t follow you around in person.

14 Signs Your Ex Regrets Dumping You - Magnet of Success (15)

Your ex would instead remain hidden and perhaps watch your social media posts from time to time.

But he or she definitely wouldn’t be obsessed with you.

Remember that when your ex stalks you, your ex is putting in an actual effort to see you.

Your ex’s impulsive desire to find out more about you shows that he or she cares enough about you to find you and see what you’re doing.

Maybe your ex would even “accidentally” bump into you and pretend that he or she didn’t know you were there.

If that’s the case, your ex would likely appear pretentious—sort of disoriented or lost.

And that’s how you’d realize your ex is up to no good and wants you back.

Do you notice any of these 14 signs your ex regrets dumping you in your ex? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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