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L.A. Times Food Bowl is excited to present a full month of events celebrating LA's diverse food scene and experiences, featuring the best of local eateries and world-renowned culinary talent through pop-up dining events, special chef collaborations, panel discussions, and other food-inspired events across Los Angeles.

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{"event_title" : "L.A. Times Food Bowl Launch Party","event_description" : "Join us at the Food Bowl Launch Party as we kick off the 2022 festival at Grandmaster Recorders in Hollywood on Thursday, September 1st. The night will feature special tastings from Jon Yao of Kato, Justin Pichetrungsi of Anajak Thai, Ludo Lefebvre of Petit Trois, Natalia Pereira of Woodspoon, pastry chef Nicole Rucker of Fat + Flour, plus more exciting guest chefs. Guest will enjoy a live DJ set from DJ Prodijay with cocktails, beer & wine included. At the event, the L.A. Times Food team General Manager Laurie Ochoa will honor this year’s recipients of the Restaurant of the Year and Gold Award with a live presentation of the awards.","event_main_image" : "","event_start_date" : "09/01/2022","event_end_date" : "09/01/2022","event_start_time" : "7:00 PM","event_end_time" : "10:00 PM","event_location" : "Grandmaster Recorders · 1518 North Cahuenga Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028","event_slug" : "launch-party","event_location_url" : "","event_button_url" : "","event_participants" : "Aqua Panna, Jon Yao, Stella Artois, S. Pellegrino, Nicole Rucker, Natalia Pereira, Mijenta Tequila, Ludo Lefebvre, Anajak Thai, Laurie Ochoa, DJ Prodijay, and Grandmaster Recorders","event_website_url" : "","event_facebook" : "","event_instagram" : "","event_poster" : "", "orden" : "09/01/202219:00:00","event_status" : "Ended (Inactive)"},{"event_title" : "L.A. Times Restaurant of the Year Award Dinner - Day 1","event_description" : "The 6th annual L.A. Times Restaurant of the Year was chosen by Food Critic Bill Addison and will be celebrated with one-of-a-kind intimate omakase dinners featuring 8 to 10 specially selected courses for just 20 guests at a time.","event_main_image" : "","event_start_date" : "09/02/2022","event_end_date" : "09/02/2022","event_start_time" : "6:00 PM","event_end_time" : "10:00 PM","event_location" : "Anajak Thai · 14704 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403","event_slug" : "roy-day-1","event_location_url" : "","event_button_url" : "http://SOLD OUT/","event_participants" : "Aqua Panna and Anajak Thai","event_website_url" : "","event_facebook" : "","event_instagram" : "","event_poster" : "", "orden" : "09/02/202218:00:00","event_status" : "Ended (Inactive)"},{"event_title" : "L.A. Times Restaurant of the Year Award Dinner - Day 2","event_description" : "The 6th annual L.A. Times Restaurant of the Year was chosen by Food Critic Bill Addison and will be celebrated with one-of-a-kind intimate omakase dinners featuring 8 to 10 specially selected courses for just 20 guests at a time.","event_main_image" : "","event_start_date" : "09/03/2022","event_end_date" : "09/03/2022","event_start_time" : "6:00 PM","event_end_time" : "10:00 PM","event_location" : "Anajak Thai · 14704 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403","event_slug" : "roy-day-2","event_location_url" : "","event_button_url" : "http://SOLD OUT/","event_participants" : "Anajak Thai","event_website_url" : "","event_facebook" : "","event_instagram" : "","event_poster" : "", "orden" : "09/03/202218:00:00","event_status" : "Ended (Inactive)"},{"event_title" : "Six Taste Original Downtown LA Food Tour","event_description" : "Experience LA's #1 walking food tour! Hang out with a passionate LA native tour guide and bond with fellow foodies on this culinary adventure that includes a guided historic and cultural walking tour and tastings at multiple restaurants equivalent to a full meal. On this particular tour, explore Art Deco skyscrapers and historic landmarks. Visit Grand Central Market- LA's oldest public open-air market for some incredible cultural bites. Sample signature tastes from popular to hidden neighborhood gems while learning about the history, culture, and ongoing revitalization of Los Angeles.","event_main_image" : "","event_start_date" : "09/03/2022","event_end_date" : "09/03/2022","event_start_time" : "11:00 AM","event_end_time" : "3:30 PM","event_location" : "Angel's Flight · Across of Grand Central Market (324 S Hill St. Los Angeles, CA)","event_slug" : "six-taste-original-downtown","event_location_url" : "","event_button_url" : "http://SOLD OUT/","event_participants" : "","event_website_url" : "","event_facebook" : "","event_instagram" : "","event_poster" : "", "orden" : "09/03/202211:00:00","event_status" : "Ended (Inactive)"},{"event_title" : "Eat See Hear X Food Bowl","event_description" : "In collaboration with our friends at Eat See Hear, we present a special family-friendly culinary experience with the most chef-approved food film around, Ratatouille! In the LA Food Bowl tradition, we've assembled a great lineup of delicious eats including wood-fired pizzas from La Sorted's, wide-ranging Mexican flavors from Border Grill, and beautiful pastries and desserts from Gemini Bakehouse some to enjoy alongside live DJs, and a live performance from local RnB/Indie-pop up & comer, StaJe.","event_main_image" : "","event_start_date" : "09/04/2022","event_end_date" : "09/04/2022","event_start_time" : "5:30 PM","event_end_time" : "10:00 PM","event_location" : "The Autry Museum of the American West · Griffith Park, 4700 Western Heritage Way, Los Angeles, CA 90027","event_slug" : "eat-see-hear-x-food-bowl","event_location_url" : "","event_button_url" : "","event_participants" : "StaJe, Border Grill, DJ William Read, Gemini Bakehouse, and La Sorted's","event_website_url" : "","event_facebook" : "","event_instagram" : "","event_poster" : "", "orden" : "09/04/202217:30:00","event_status" : "Ended (Inactive)"},{"event_title" : "Naked Lunch Podcast and LA Times Food Bowl Presents: Dinner with Phil Rosenthal","event_description" : "Join Phil Rosenthal (creator of Netflix's Somebody Feed Phil and Everyone Loves Raymond) and David Wild (iconic writer for Rolling Stone) for dinner at Pizzana in West Hollywood. Enjoy a 4-course dinner and hear a live recording of their popular Naked Lunch podcast with chef Daniele Uditi of Pizzana. Dinner includes a special edition lunchbox. All proceeds will benefit Project Angel Food.","event_main_image" : "","event_start_date" : "09/06/2022","event_end_date" : "09/06/2022","event_start_time" : "6:00 PM","event_end_time" : "9:30 PM","event_location" : "Pizzana - 460 N Robertson Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90048","event_slug" : "naked-lunch-podcast","event_location_url" : "","event_button_url" : "","event_participants" : "Pizzana, Daniele Uditi, David Wild, Phil Rosenthal, and Project Angel Food","event_website_url" : "","event_facebook" : "","event_instagram" : "","event_poster" : "", "orden" : "09/06/202218:00:00","event_status" : "Get Tickets (Active)"},{"event_title" : "Kali Michelin Collaboration Dinner","event_description" : "Kali Restaurant hosts a very special one-night-only collaboration dinner alongside Michelin-starred restaurants Shibumi (David Schlosser), Bistro Nas (Tian Yong), and Pasta Bar (Nathan Tauer) on Wednesday September 7th. This dinner will be a five course tasting menu featuring special dishes from all 4 chefs!","event_main_image" : "","event_start_date" : "09/07/2022","event_end_date" : "09/07/2022","event_start_time" : "6:00 PM","event_end_time" : "9:30 PM","event_location" : "Kali · 5722 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038","event_slug" : "kali-collaboration-dinner","event_location_url" : "","event_button_url" : "","event_participants" : "Tian Yong, Kali, Kevin Meehan, Nathan Tauer, and David Schlosser","event_website_url" : "","event_facebook" : "","event_instagram" : "","event_poster" : "", "orden" : "09/07/202218:00:00","event_status" : "Get Tickets (Active)"},{"event_title" : "A Forest For The Trees x LA Food Bowl: Mid-Autumn Festival","event_description" : "As part of LA Times Food Bowl, the PHENAKITE/porridge + puffs team welcomes you to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival at A Forest for the Trees in DTLA. In addition to entrance to A Forest for the Trees immersive art show, guests will participate in a 'Good Fire' ephemeral art installation by Minh Phan (chef of PHENAKITE, porridge + puffs). Tea/zero proof cocktails and a light dinner will be provided by the PHENAKITE and porridge + puffs team. Additional goodies provided in collaboration with Active Cultures, a non-profit cultural organization. A tree will be planted by Priceless Planet Coalition and Conservation International for each ticket holder. We are honored to be using Koda Farms rice products exclusively for this harvest celebration.","event_main_image" : "","event_start_date" : "09/08/2022","event_end_date" : "09/08/2022","event_start_time" : "6:00 PM","event_end_time" : "9:00 PM","event_location" : "A FOREST FOR THE TREES - 516 S Mission Road, Los Angeles, CA 90033","event_slug" : "a-forest-for-the-trees-x-la-food-bowl-mid-autumn-festival","event_location_url" : "","event_button_url" : "","event_participants" : "A Forest For The Trees, Active Cultures, and Minh Phan","event_website_url" : "","event_facebook" : "","event_instagram" : "","event_poster" : "", "orden" : "09/08/202218:00:00","event_status" : "Get Tickets (Active)"},{"event_title" : "Melanie Talks Orange Wine","event_description" : "Lead by Melanie Wine Bar’s wine director and sommelier, Austin Ferrier, Melanie Talks Wine invites wine novices and enthusiasts to explore the history and wine making methods behind Orange Wines. This exclusive event, in partnership with Los Angeles Times Food Bowl, applies Melanie’s goal to transform the traditional wine culture from one of intimidation to an approachable experience. During this event, we will celebrate curiosity amongst guests and encourage conversations about wine, all while pouring tastings over Cheese & Charcuterie.","event_main_image" : "","event_start_date" : "09/08/2022","event_end_date" : "09/08/2022","event_start_time" : "4:00 PM","event_end_time" : "6:00 PM","event_location" : "Melanie Wine Bar · 8310 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048","event_slug" : "melanie-talks-wine","event_location_url" : "","event_button_url" : "","event_participants" : "Melanie Wine Bar and Austin Ferrier","event_website_url" : "","event_facebook" : "","event_instagram" : "","event_poster" : "", "orden" : "09/08/202216:00:00","event_status" : "Get Tickets (Active)"},{"event_title" : "L.A. Times Gold Award Dinner - Day 1","event_description" : "In celebration of the Gold Award, Genet will open her doors once again and host a select number of all-inclusive family style dinners featuring the menu’s finest dishes. Dinner tickets include a selection of appetizers, mains, beer, wine, and dessert.","event_main_image" : "","event_start_date" : "09/09/2022","event_end_date" : "09/09/2022","event_start_time" : "7:00 PM","event_end_time" : "10:00 PM","event_location" : "Meals By Genet · 1053 S Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90019","event_slug" : "gold-award-day-1","event_location_url" : "","event_button_url" : "http://SOLD OUT/","event_participants" : "Meals By Genet","event_website_url" : "","event_facebook" : "","event_instagram" : "","event_poster" : "", "orden" : "09/09/202219:00:00","event_status" : "Sold Out (Inactive)"},{"event_title" : "Shibumi - The God of Sake Brewing","event_description" : "'The God of Sake Brewing' Sake Master Noguchi Naohiko from Noguchi Naohiko Sake Institute Noguchi san hails from the legendary Kikuhime brewery in Ishikawa. Was appointed Toji (sake master) at a a very young age of 26 in 1960. This was unheard of at the time and held that role for 27 years. This special night will feature a 6-course meal and lecture, paired with pours of Noguchi San's coveted Honjozo, Junmai Daiginjo, Aiyama, Yamahai, & Limited Edition Junmai Daiginjo 01","event_main_image" : "","event_start_date" : "09/09/2022","event_end_date" : "09/09/2022","event_start_time" : "7:00 PM","event_end_time" : "10:00 PM","event_location" : "Noguchi Sake Event · 815 S Hill St Los Angeles, CA 90014","event_slug" : "the-god-of-sake-brewing","event_location_url" : "","event_button_url" : "","event_participants" : "David Schlosser, Noguchi Naohiko, and Noguchi Sake","event_website_url" : "","event_facebook" : "","event_instagram" : "","event_poster" : "", "orden" : "09/09/202219:00:00","event_status" : "Get Tickets (Active)"},{"event_title" : "L.A. Times Gold Award Dinner - Day 2","event_description" : "In celebration of the Gold Award, Genet will open her doors once again and host a select number of all-inclusive family style dinners featuring the menu’s finest dishes. Dinner tickets include a selection of appetizers, mains, beer, wine, and dessert.","event_main_image" : "","event_start_date" : "09/10/2022","event_end_date" : "09/10/2022","event_start_time" : "7:00 PM","event_end_time" : "10:00 PM","event_location" : "Meals By Genet · 1053 S Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90019","event_slug" : "gold-award-day-2","event_location_url" : "","event_button_url" : "http://SOLD OUT/","event_participants" : "Meals By Genet","event_website_url" : "","event_facebook" : "","event_instagram" : "","event_poster" : "", "orden" : "09/10/202219:00:00","event_status" : "Sold Out (Inactive)"},{"event_title" : "Six Taste San Gabriel Valley Chinatown Tour","event_description" : "Experience LA's #1 walking food tour! Hang out with a passionate SGV native tour guide and bond with other fellow foodies on this culinary adventure that includes a guided historic and cultural walking tour and tastings at multiple restaurants equivalent to a full meal. On this particular tour, visit the San Gabriel Valley's Chinatown for some of the best Chinese food in LA. Guests will visit 4 eateries for multiple tastings of authentic and elevated Chinese dishes, including a crash course on dim sum at one of Jonathan Gold's recommended eateries and a royal dining experience at a Michelin-starred restaurant. Extremely limited tickets, so book now!","event_main_image" : "","event_start_date" : "09/10/2022","event_end_date" : "09/10/2022","event_start_time" : "9:30 AM","event_end_time" : "2:30 PM","event_location" : "Grand Harbor Restaurant 5733 Rosemead Blvd., Temple City","event_slug" : "six-taste-san-gabriel","event_location_url" : "","event_button_url" : "","event_participants" : "","event_website_url" : "","event_facebook" : "","event_instagram" : "","event_poster" : "", "orden" : "09/10/202209:30:00","event_status" : "Get Tickets (Active)"},{"event_title" : "Pez Sunday Whole Animal Roast and Beer Fest","event_description" : "Join the Pez team for a very special whole pig roast, served alongside some of their favorite Mexican beers, while being serenaded by a live band in their lush garden patio.","event_main_image" : "","event_start_date" : "09/11/2022","event_end_date" : "09/11/2022","event_start_time" : "5:00 PM","event_end_time" : "10:00 PM","event_location" : "Pez Cantina · 401 South Grand Ave. Los Angeles, Ca. 90071","event_slug" : "pez-sunday","event_location_url" : "","event_button_url" : "","event_participants" : "Pez Cantina","event_website_url" : "","event_facebook" : "","event_instagram" : "","event_poster" : "", "orden" : "09/11/202217:00:00","event_status" : "Get Tickets (Active)"},{"event_title" : "Eszett x Odette Williams: Simple Pasta","event_description" : "Come celebrate the release of Odette Williams’s newest cookbook, Simple Pasta, at beloved neighborhood wine bar and restaurant Eszett in Silverlake.Lauded by Stanley Tucci, Ignacio Mattos and Andy Baraghani for its elegance, ease and deliciousness,Husband and wife team Spencer and Sabrina Beziare will be joined for one evening with Australian food writer and cook Odette Williams as they highlight menu items from Simple Pasta.Think late summer dinner party with friends, homemade pasta and peak-of-the-season produce from Eszett's own garden.Now Serving will be on hand selling signed copies of Simple Pasta and Williams’s first book, Simple Cake - named one of the best cookbooks of 2019 by The New York Times.","event_main_image" : "","event_start_date" : "09/12/2022","event_end_date" : "09/12/2022","event_start_time" : "5:00 PM","event_end_time" : "10:00 PM","event_location" : "Eszett - 3510 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026","event_slug" : "eszett-x-odette-williams-simple-pasta","event_location_url" : "","event_button_url" : "","event_participants" : "Odette Williams and Eszett","event_website_url" : "","event_facebook" : "","event_instagram" : "","event_poster" : "", "orden" : "09/12/202217:00:00","event_status" : "Get Tickets (Active)"},{"event_title" : "Angelini: Italian Street Food Experience","event_description" : "Let Angelini transport you to Italy with an authentic 'cibo di strada' food experience. Celebrate Italy's rich culture of regional street delicacies, while enjoying music and conversation in Angelini's delightful outdoor courtyard.","event_main_image" : "","event_start_date" : "09/13/2022","event_end_date" : "09/13/2022","event_start_time" : "5:00 PM","event_end_time" : "7:00 PM","event_location" : "Angelini Osteria + Alimentari · 7313-7321 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036","event_slug" : "italian-street-food-experience","event_location_url" : "","event_button_url" : "","event_participants" : "Angelini Osteria","event_website_url" : "","event_facebook" : "","event_instagram" : "","event_poster" : "", "orden" : "09/13/202217:00:00","event_status" : "Get Tickets (Active)"},{"event_title" : "Now Serving & Second Home Present: Masa Panel with Jorge Gaviria & Friends","event_description" : "Masa, the dough that’s formed from stone-ground nixtamalized corn and transformed into tortillas, tamales, and more, is one of the foundations of Mesoamerican civilization and a bedrock of Mexican cooking. It’s also at the center of Jorge Gaviria’s new cookbook, MASA: Techniques, Recipes, and Reflections on a Timeless Staple. Join the author and founder of Masienda, in conversation with chefs Carlos Salgado of Taco Maria, Arturo Enciso of Gusto Bread, and Elizabeth Heitner and Nestor Silva of Malli as they discuss the role of masa in kitchens across Los Angeles, as well as how it can act as a connective tissue between so many cultures around the world. Following the conversation, guests will enjoy masa-based small bites from our guest chefs plus drinks.","event_main_image" : "","event_start_date" : "09/14/2022","event_end_date" : "09/14/2022","event_start_time" : "6:30 PM","event_end_time" : "8:30 PM","event_location" : "Second Home Hollywood · 1370 N St Andrews Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90028","event_slug" : "now-serving-masa","event_location_url" : "","event_button_url" : "","event_participants" : "Jorge Gaviria and Carlos Salgado","event_website_url" : "","event_facebook" : "","event_instagram" : "","event_poster" : "", "orden" : "09/14/202218:30:00","event_status" : "Get Tickets (Active)"},{"event_title" : "Shibumi x Shingo Gokan Party","event_description" : "Hailed as one of the best bartenders in the world, Shingo Gokan from the SG Club joins forces with Shibumi to throw a party! Shingo himself will be making original cocktails on the Shibumi bar from his new spirits brand SG Shochu. Purple sweet potato, Rice and Barley Shochu's will be featured and will be paired with snacks from Shibumi. No reservations. Walk-ins only","event_main_image" : "","event_start_date" : "09/14/2022","event_end_date" : "09/15/2022","event_start_time" : "9:00 PM","event_end_time" : "1:00 AM","event_location" : "Shibumi · 815 S Hill St Los Angeles, CA 90014","event_slug" : "shibumi-shingo-gokan-party","event_location_url" : "","event_button_url" : "","event_participants" : "David Schlosser and Shingo Gokan","event_website_url" : "","event_facebook" : "","event_instagram" : "","event_poster" : "", "orden" : "09/14/202221:00:00","event_status" : "More Info (Active)"},{"event_title" : "A Mexican Independence Day Celebration at Damian","event_description" : "Damian hosts a patio party, celebrating Mexican Independence Day, leading to the traditional 'Grito' at midnight of September 16th. Groove to the sounds of a live Mariachi and DJs alongside a special one-night-only menu featuring guests: Poncho's Tlayudas, Chef Balo Orozco, Gusto Bread, and cocktails from Yola and Agua Magica Mezcals.","event_main_image" : "","event_start_date" : "09/15/2022","event_end_date" : "09/16/2022","event_start_time" : "7:00 PM","event_end_time" : "1:00 AM","event_location" : "Damian · 2132 East 7th Place","event_slug" : "mexican-independence-day","event_location_url" : "","event_button_url" : "","event_participants" : "Yola Mezcal, Agua Magica Mezcal, Balo Orozco, Damian, Gusto Bread, and Poncho's Tlayudas","event_website_url" : "","event_facebook" : "","event_instagram" : "","event_poster" : "", "orden" : "09/15/202219:00:00","event_status" : "Get Tickets (Active)"},{"event_title" : "Viva Mexico Pop Up at LA Cha Cha Chá","event_description" : "For one night only, LA Cha Cha Chá is hosting a pop-up with their upcoming sister restaurant, Za Za Zá. Dinner will be curated by Executive Chef Paco Moran, followed by cocktails and an afterparty hosted by Café de Nadie, the 15th best bar in North America. Vinyl sets by Billy Castro and Santiago Guerreiro.","event_main_image" : "","event_start_date" : "09/16/2022","event_end_date" : "09/16/2022","event_start_time" : "5:00 PM","event_end_time" : "10:00 PM","event_location" : "LA Cha Cha Chá · 812 E 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90013","event_slug" : "viva-mexico","event_location_url" : "","event_button_url" : "","event_participants" : "Café de Nadie, Francisco Moran, LA Cha Cha Chá, and Pardela","event_website_url" : "","event_facebook" : "","event_instagram" : "","event_poster" : "", "orden" : "09/16/202217:00:00","event_status" : "Get Tickets (Active)"},{"event_title" : "CicLAvia Food Bike Tour of DTLA","event_description" : "Join the CicLAvia team on a food filled bike tour of the Downtown area. We will travel along and near previous CicLAvia routes and stop at some of LA's most delicious food destinations. Restaurant stops include Rose Bakery, Ditroit Taqueria, Uli's Gelato, Kippered and more TBA! You'll get a bite or two at each stop (5-6 stops in total) and all food and drink is included in the price of the tour. The ride will be approximately 7.5 miles and will be limited to 20 people.","event_main_image" : "","event_start_date" : "09/17/2022","event_end_date" : "09/17/2022","event_start_time" : "11:30 AM","event_end_time" : "4:00 PM","event_location" : "Multiple locations · Meeting at our office - 525 S Hewitt street, LA CA 90013","event_slug" : "food-bike-tour","event_location_url" : "","event_button_url" : "","event_participants" : "CicLAvia","event_website_url" : "","event_facebook" : "","event_instagram" : "","event_poster" : "", "orden" : "09/17/202211:30:00","event_status" : "Get Tickets (Active)"},{"event_title" : "L.A. Harvest Party and Grape Stomp","event_description" : "Vintage Wine + Eats welcomes you to try some of the best wines our city has to offer. Featuring flights of wine from L.A.'s own Byron Blatty, Cavaletti, Adorato, Acri Wines and AJA Vineyards. Meet the winemakers and get the chance to stomp your own grapes! Pair your wines with a selection of casual California inspired harvest dishes from chef Luke O'Grady of Little Dom's.","event_main_image" : "","event_start_date" : "09/17/2022","event_end_date" : "09/17/2022","event_start_time" : "12:00 PM","event_end_time" : "4:00 PM","event_location" : "Vintage Wine + Eats · 12023 Ventura Blvd","event_slug" : "la-harvest-party","event_location_url" : "","event_button_url" : "","event_participants" : "Cavaletti Vineyards, Acri Wine Co., Adorato Wines, Aja Vineyards, Angelino Wine Co., Byron Blatty Wines, and Little Dom's","event_website_url" : "","event_facebook" : "","event_instagram" : "","event_poster" : "", "orden" : "09/17/202212:00:00","event_status" : "Get Tickets (Active)"},{"event_title" : "RE:Her presents Mujeres del Maguey","event_description" : "RE:Her is excited to showcase the tastes and talents of two of our members - Nativo's Corissa Hernandez and Todo Verde's Chef Jocelyn Ramirez! We are celebrating generational agaves and the women inspired by their flavors through a tasting that pairs smokey, rich, and aromatic savory plant-based bites inspired by ancestral Mexican dishes cooked on an open flame with earthy and rooted agave spirits produced by female makers. Join this women- and agave-centered tasting in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month featuring Agua del Sol, Pueblo Viejo, and La Gritona. · Ticket Price Includes: o $150 per ticket for a seated tasting o Four-course savory and sweet tasting featuring Chef jocelyn ramirez of Todo Verde o Four agave spirit pairings curated by Corissa Hernandez of Nativo in collaboration with Agua del Sol, Pueblo Viejo, La Gritona.","event_main_image" : "","event_start_date" : "09/18/2022","event_end_date" : "09/18/2022","event_start_time" : "6:00 PM","event_end_time" : "8:00 PM","event_location" : "Nativo - 5137 York Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90042","event_slug" : "re-her-presents","event_location_url" : "","event_button_url" : "","event_participants" : "Corissa Hernandez, Jocelyn Ramirez, Nativo, and Regarding Her","event_website_url" : "","event_facebook" : "","event_instagram" : "","event_poster" : "", "orden" : "09/18/202218:00:00","event_status" : "Get Tickets (Active)"},{"event_title" : "Silver Lake Block Party","event_description" : "Join us for a food and wine experience in Silverlake to explore the block with sips and bites from neighborhood favorites like Ceci's Gastronomia to Silverlake Lounge, Wine Stop, Gemini Bakehouse & LA Sorted's Pizza, La Pergoletta, De Buena Planta, Same Same Thai, Wine Stop, Moon Juice, and more! Tickets include one dish or beverage sample from each participating restaurant. Walk, drink, eat, dance and enjoy the sunset on Sunset Boulevard like you never have before.","event_main_image" : "","event_start_date" : "09/21/2022","event_end_date" : "09/21/2022","event_start_time" : "4:00 PM","event_end_time" : "8:00 PM","event_location" : "Ceci's Gastronomia - 2813 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles 90026","event_slug" : "silver-lake-block-party","event_location_url" : "","event_button_url" : "*1jd1uuu*_up*MQ..&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIzKukm_bM-QIVwxatBh10xggtEAAYASAAEgLB8fD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds","event_participants" : "Ceci's Gastronomia, De Buena Planta, Moon Juice, La Sorted's, Gemini Bakehouse, La Pergoletta, Same Same Thai, Silverlake Lounge, Wine Stop, and Bodega Park","event_website_url" : "","event_facebook" : "","event_instagram" : "","event_poster" : "", "orden" : "09/21/202216:00:00","event_status" : "Get Tickets (Active)"},{"event_title" : "Kinn Collaboration Dinner with Kevin Lee","event_description" : "Kinn hosts a special collaboration dinner with chefs Ki Kim & Kevin Lee featuring modern Korean flavors for a one-night-only tasting menu including 9 courses from these exciting young chefs. Seating is limited!","event_main_image" : "","event_start_date" : "09/22/2022","event_end_date" : "09/22/2022","event_start_time" : "5:30 PM","event_end_time" : "10:30 PM","event_location" : "Kinn - 3905 W. 6th St Los Angeles CA 90020","event_slug" : "kinn-collaboration-dinner-with-kevin-lee","event_location_url" : "","event_button_url" : "","event_participants" : "Kinn, Ki Kim, and Kevin Lee","event_website_url" : "","event_facebook" : "","event_instagram" : "","event_poster" : "", "orden" : "09/22/202217:30:00","event_status" : "Get Tickets (Active)"},{"event_title" : "Night Market: Smoked Soirée","event_description" : "From BBQ and burgers to smoke-infused cocktails and grilled desserts, join the top chefs, pitmasters, burger aficionados, and grilling experts serving up their best dishes, side by side. This late-night event will be filled with libations, live DJs, and delicious desserts.","event_main_image" : "","event_start_date" : "09/23/2022","event_end_date" : "09/23/2022","event_start_time" : "8:00 PM","event_end_time" : "11:00 PM","event_location" : "Paramount Pictures Studios · 5515 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038","event_slug" : "night-market-day-1","event_location_url" : "","event_button_url" : "","event_participants" : "Casa Vega, 71Above, Alvin Cailan, Angry Egret Dinette, Aqua Panna, Banh Oui, Bar Moruno, Bari, bb.q Chicken USA, Caboco, Don Julio, El Ruso, Eric Greenspan, Eszett, Frankly Organic Vodka, Yakiniku Osen, Danny Gordon, Valerie Confections, Heavy Handed, Highly Likely Cafe, III Mas BBQ, Irv's Burgers, Jenn Harris, Tuk Tuk Thai, The Bad Jew, Tabula Rasa Bar, STK Steakhouse, Stella Artois, Standing's Butchery, SLAB Barbecue, San Marino Café & Marketplace, S. Pellegrino, Ronan, River Street BBQ, RiceBox, Poppy + Rose, Piccalilli, Piccadilly Grace, Jewel, Moo's Craft Barbecue, Momed, MÍRAME, Mini Kabob, Matty Matheson, MANEATINGPLANT, Makers Mark, Macheen at Milpa Grille, The Arbour, Mijenta Tequila, Kevin Bludso, Kobee factory, Kogi, Little Dom's, Lunasia Dim Sum House, Courtney Storer, DJ VickOne, Evil Cooks, Angelini Osteria, Angelini Alimentari, Fia Steak, Bludso's Bar & Que, Rebecca King, Maple Block Meat Co., Otium, and Teremana Tequila","event_website_url" : "","event_facebook" : "","event_instagram" : "","event_poster" : "", "orden" : "09/23/202220:00:00","event_status" : "Get Tickets (Active)"},{"event_title" : "Night Market: Saturday Night Flavor","event_description" : "From Thai Town to Little Ethiopia, Fairfax to San Gabriel Valley - explore all the flavors of LA, together for one night. Enjoy Asian, Middle Eastern, Mexican, and more for a night that is authentically Los Angeles. As part of Saturday’s event, LA Times Food Columnist Jenn Harris will curate a selection of her favorite dumplings from around the world.","event_main_image" : "","event_start_date" : "09/24/2022","event_end_date" : "09/24/2022","event_start_time" : "7:00 PM","event_end_time" : "10:00 PM","event_location" : "Paramount Pictures Studios · 5515 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038","event_slug" : "night-market-day-2","event_location_url" : "","event_button_url" : "","event_participants" : "Ditroit, DAMA, Apollonia’s Pizzeria, Aqua Panna, Banh Oui, bb.q Chicken USA, Black Market Liquor Bar, Budonoki, Causita LA, Chao Krung, Don Julio, Dune, El Ruso, Employees Only, CHD Mandu, Flavors From Afar, Fanny's Restaurant, Frankly Organic Vodka, Yakiniku Osen, Gabi James, Gino's East of Chicago - Los Angeles, Go Go Gyoza, Heavy Handed, HomeState, ILÉ, The Brothers Sushi, Tacos 1986, Stella Artois, S. Pellegrino, Poppy + Rose, Jet Tila, Park's BBQ, Olivia Restaurant, Monta Factory, MÍRAME, Malli, Makers Mark, Mijenta Tequila, Katsu Sando, Krapow, Kuya Lord, Lum Ka Naad, Lunasia Dim Sum House, Luv2eat Thai Bistro, Otoño, Genghis Cohen, DJ Daisy O'Dell, Pasta Sisters, Xiao Chi Jie, East Side Cheesecakes, Noree Thai On Beverly, RYLA, Paradise Dynasty, Holy Basil, Wanderlust Creamery, Hamasaku, Brique French Toastery, Antonia Lofaso, Teremana Tequila, and Sang Yoon","event_website_url" : "","event_facebook" : "","event_instagram" : "","event_poster" : "", "orden" : "09/24/202219:00:00","event_status" : "Get Tickets (Active)"},{"event_title" : "Night Market: Backlot Brunch","event_description" : "Join us as we brunch with the stars on the backlot of Paramount Pictures Studios. From the glitz and glam of Hollywood to the surf and sand of the beach, celebrate the diversity of Los Angeles with us by eating your way through the city bite by bite.","event_main_image" : "","event_start_date" : "09/25/2022","event_end_date" : "09/25/2022","event_start_time" : "2:00 PM","event_end_time" : "5:00 PM","event_location" : "Paramount Pictures Studios · 5515 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038","event_slug" : "night-market-day-3","event_location_url" : "","event_button_url" : "","event_participants" : "Blackbird Pizza Shop, Apollonia’s Pizzeria, Aqua Panna, B Sweet, Beauty & Essex, Bianca, Don Julio, Duff Goldman, Frankly Organic Vodka, Heavy Handed, Here's Looking at You, Uli's Gelato, Heritage Barbecue, Hotville Chicken, Hui Tou Xiang, ILÉ, Tokki, The Brothers Sushi, Tacos 1986, Stella Artois, Soulmate, Soosh!, S. Pellegrino, Ronan, Poppy + Rose, Pop’s Bagels, Jitlada Southern Thai, Mayura Indian Restaurant, Makers Mark, Mijenta Tequila, Katsu Sando, Little Fatty, LOAM, Lunasia Dim Sum House, LA Cha Cha Chá, DJ Base, Pizzana, Prime Pizza, Howlin' Ray's, Forever Pie, Kinn, Velverie Café and Teahouse, Heritage, Dono, Gunsmoke, Potato Chips Deli, Remix Kitchen & Bar, Interstellar, and Teremana Tequila","event_website_url" : "","event_facebook" : "","event_instagram" : "","event_poster" : "", "orden" : "09/25/202214:00:00","event_status" : "Get Tickets (Active)"},{"event_title" : "Baja in the Bungalow","event_description" : "Melody hosts a night of freewheeling flavor with guest chef Diego Hernandez of Ensenda's Bête Noire preparing a Baja feast alongside his colleague Andy Wow serving up special vermouth cocktails, while Noel Téllez of Bichi Wine handles the night's wine list, and fisherman Conner Mitchell of Dudley Market brings his fresh catch for the night. Rounding out the sensory experience, Melody owner/operator Eric Tucker will be setting the mood on the ones and twos, making sure everything goes down smooth.","event_main_image" : "","event_start_date" : "09/27/2022","event_end_date" : "09/27/2022","event_start_time" : "5:00 PM","event_end_time" : "12:00 AM","event_location" : "Melody · 751 N Virgil Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90029","event_slug" : "baja-in-the-bungalow","event_location_url" : "","event_button_url" : "","event_participants" : "Noel Téllez, Diego Hernandez, Melody, and Conner Mitchell","event_website_url" : "","event_facebook" : "","event_instagram" : "","event_poster" : "", "orden" : "09/27/202217:00:00","event_status" : "More Info (Active)"},{"event_title" : "Hulu x bxp Present: Prey","event_description" : "A Community Screening of ‘Prey’ with a predatory feast from Chef Wes Avila (Ka’teen, Angry Egret Dinette). Hulu x bxp invite you to community @ Colorado Take a culinary journey with movie-inspired bites; enjoy cocktails and company; and revel in a warrior protecting her tribe from a highly evolved alien predator.","event_main_image" : "","event_start_date" : "09/28/2022","event_end_date" : "09/28/2022","event_start_time" : "6:00 PM","event_end_time" : "10:00 PM","event_location" : "Colorado Center: 2450 Broadway Santa Monica, CA 90404","event_slug" : "hulu_bxp_prey","event_location_url" : "","event_button_url" : "","event_participants" : "","event_website_url" : "","event_facebook" : "","event_instagram" : "","event_poster" : "", "orden" : "09/28/202218:00:00","event_status" : ""},{"event_title" : "LA Regional Food Bank Charity Dinner with Nancy Silverton, hosted by Billy Harris","event_description" : "On September 28thjoin us at the historic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel where Chef Nancy Silverton is hosting the LA Regional Food Bank Charity Dinner. Chef Silverton will feature a three-course menu that highlights the seasonality of local produce while showcasing her the flavors of her rustic Italian Steakhouse. The menu will include such delectable offerings as her famous Barish baked bread, pasta al forno, roasted meats and luscious gelato.The evening will be hosted by Billy Harris and General Manager of L.A. Times Food Laurie Ochoa.50% of the ticket price will be directly donated to the LA Regional food bank. We look forward to welcoming you into the Barish inside this iconic Hollywood space!","event_main_image" : "","event_start_date" : "09/28/2022","event_end_date" : "09/28/2022","event_start_time" : "7:00 PM","event_end_time" : "10:00 PM","event_location" : "The Barish - 7000 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028","event_slug" : "larfb-charity-dinner","event_location_url" : "","event_button_url" : "","event_participants" : "Nancy Silverton, Billy Harris, Laurie Ochoa, The Barish, and LA Regional Food Bank","event_website_url" : "","event_facebook" : "","event_instagram" : "","event_poster" : "", "orden" : "09/28/202219:00:00","event_status" : "Get Tickets (Active)"},{"event_title" : "Science & Food UCLA: People, Food, & Climate","event_description" : "Beyond carbon emissions, how can soil science, regenerative agriculture, the built environment, and the policies that connect food cultures and communities, work holistically to make climate-conscious, transformative practices accessible in our own communities and ecosystems? Join us for a discussion at the intersection of science, agriculture, policy, architecture, and the restaurant industry with: Aaron Blaisdell, PhD (he/him), Professor of Psychology, UCLA (Moderator) Paula Daniels, JD (she/her), Co-Founder and CEO, Center for Good Food Purchasing Jorge Gaviria, Co-founder of Masienda and author of MASA Paige L. Stanley, PhD (she/her), Postdoctoral Researcher at Cotrufo Soil Innovation Lab, Department of Soil and Crop Sciences at Colorado State University Christian Stayner, M.Arch (he/him), Founder and Managing Principal, Stayner Architects & co-founder of Bacetti. This in-person event is FREE and open to the public with limited capacity.","event_main_image" : "","event_start_date" : "09/28/2022","event_end_date" : "","event_start_time" : "7:00 PM","event_end_time" : "8:30 PM","event_location" : "California NanoSystems Institute: 570 Westwood Plaza Building #114 Los Angeles, CA 90095","event_slug" : "sciencexfood_ucla","event_location_url" : "","event_button_url" : "","event_participants" : "","event_website_url" : "","event_facebook" : "","event_instagram" : "","event_poster" : "", "orden" : "09/28/202219:00:00","event_status" : "Get Tickets (Active)"},{"event_title" : "Plant Based Alchemy Dinner with Chef Mollie Englehart","event_description" : "This celebration of ecologically conscious eating will be hosted by famed plant based chef, MollieEngelhart at her Sage restaurant in Culver City.Starting with small plates and zero waste craft cocktails, the evening will progress to an intimate sit down dinner. Chef Mollie willpresent a creative multi course menu of food recovered via urban foraging from the Farmer's Market. All of her Sage restaurants compost 100% of the post consumer food scraps from her restaurants, savingit from landfills which aligns with FoodCycleLA's mission to reroute surplus food away from landfills to feed hungry people.‘The evening will be a celebration of healing and transformative powers of food’, says FoodCycle founder Nancy Beyda. ‘Food has a resource that has so much potential, and in the US we throw so much of it away’.","event_main_image" : "","event_start_date" : "09/29/2022","event_end_date" : "09/29/2022","event_start_time" : "5:00 PM","event_end_time" : "9:00 PM","event_location" : "Sage Plant Based Bistro & Brewery Culver City · 4130 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City, CA 90230","event_slug" : "plant-based-alchemy-dinner","event_location_url" : "","event_button_url" : "","event_participants" : "FoodCycle and Mollie Englehart","event_website_url" : "","event_facebook" : "","event_instagram" : "","event_poster" : "", "orden" : "09/29/202217:00:00","event_status" : "Get Tickets (Active)"},

(Video) L.A. Times Food Bowl 2021 Food Forum: Food Waste & Accessibility


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