Dragon Costumes - Toddler, Kids Dragon Halloween Costumes (2023)

Dragon Costumes - Toddler, Kids Dragon Halloween Costumes (1)

Phew! Is it hot in here? If it’s not, it will be soon. This section is all about dragons and if we know one thing about dragons, they love fire! There are plenty of dragon stories throughout literature. There’s the classic image of a large scaly lizard, sleeping with one eye open on top of a pile of stolen gold. This is the big guy that the knight in shining armor comes after! Then again, there are those kindly flying dragons. They don’t mean any harm, they mostly just want to grant wishes and give kind children rides through a magical land, just watch your back if they come down with a case of the hiccups.

Once upon a time, we thought dragon costumes were pretty simple. Glittering scales, webbed wings, and polished horns. Turns out, there’s a lot more variety than that! You have plenty of delightful decisions to make. Do you want to wear a green jumpsuit with a simple set of dragon costume wings? Maybe you simply want to wear a mask. No matter what your style is, our variety allows the whole family to enjoy some fiery fun!

So, if you’re looking for fairytale adventure, you’ve totally come to the right place. We’ll not only show you our lair of treasured costumes but we’ll be glad to throw down a few dragon facts as well. So, whether you’re looking for fire breathing dragon costumes or cute and cuddly wish lizards, read on, brave soul, you just might find what you seek!

Dragon Costumes for Adults

The life of a dragon isn’t like that delicious, fruity cereal. The life of a dragon is for anyone and everyone. And you know what? It can happen to you, too! You could transform yourself by sneaking into a lair and falling asleep wearing a bracelet found from deep in the den. That’s a sure fire way to change, then again it can be hard to find a lair these days. (Not to mention one that’s full of jewelry!) It’s better to be able to make your own decision. Look through our beautiful women’s dragon costumes or goofy, cozy reptilian jumpsuits. An adult dragon costume can be cute or scary, either way, it’ll be unforgettable! Much like the dragon’s flight pattern: the sky’s the limit!

Woman's Dragon Suit

Dragon Costumes - Toddler, Kids Dragon Halloween Costumes (2)

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This one piece jumpsuit zips up the front with a marbled red base. The belly is lined like you’ve got a scaly belly. It has a generous hood with large yellow horns and spikes down the middle. In this dazzling dragon costume, you’ll feel magical in the cheerful yellow wings and tail with spikes on top of the wings and big spikes on the tail. With a color scheme like this, you’ll be ready to spark a few flames! Just remind nearby friends about that ever important rule: Stop, drop, and roll.

Red Dragon Costume

Dragon Costumes - Toddler, Kids Dragon Halloween Costumes (3)

Fierce. Ferocious. Fire-breathing! Okay, okay. Maybe not actual fire, but you’ll sure look capable of realistic dragon activities when you go in this adult Red Dragon costume. In size standard, it’s appropriate for both men and women, and has a fun cartoonish design that will have its wearer styled as a full-on dragon celebrity. Soft polyester plush makes this costume a comfy choice, and metallic wings make it a stylish selection

Hydra Costume

Dragon Costumes - Toddler, Kids Dragon Halloween Costumes (4)

Ahhh! A dragon from ancient lore! This three-headed dragon had a long career of terrorizing a Greek village until the mighty Hercules was sent to destroy the mighty serpent as one of his twelve labors. Well, now this bad guy is back but he’s much more relaxed. He’s less interested in eating Greek heroes and more interested in chowing down on Greek gyros! This Hydra costume is cozy for a chilly Halloween night whether you’re taking the kids trick-or-treating or you’re headed out to an All Hallows Eve’ soiree. The material has subtle scaling on the red fabric with a soft orange ribbed belly. A sculpted hood makes up the main head while the other two flip over your paws. With claws that flip over your shoes and a long, pointed tail, you can be sure you’ll remain in character all night!

Toothless Kigurumi

Dragon Costumes - Toddler, Kids Dragon Halloween Costumes (5)

Designed to look exactly like Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon, this costume is sure to be a great choice for any fan of the movie! Kigurumi onesies are designed as fun costume pajamas, and they make for a most comfortable costume selection. Whether you want to wear this Toothless Kigurumi or you’re just gifting it to your teenage kiddo, this is a dragon Halloween costume that’s sure to be worn again and again. It’s the coziest option for a chilly Halloween night while escorting your little ones in Viking and How to Train your Dragon costumes. As long as everyone’s comfortable, you can travel far and wide to gather all the candy they can muster!

Children's Dragon Costumes

Does your child like to sleep all day, emerging from their room as if they’re awakening from a hundred-year sleep in an ancient hidden cave? No? Well, aren’t you lucky! No matter what their temperature range is, it’s good to let that imagination stretch every once in a while. Your kiddo doesn’t even need to breathe fire to let their dragon persona loose! This list runs the gamut from girl’s dragon costumes to dragon costumes for toddlers. We’ll even throw a knight riding a fire-breathing serpent for good measure! Browse through some of our suggestions to find the perfect kids dragon costume for this years Halloween.

Toddler Dragon Costume

Dragon Costumes - Toddler, Kids Dragon Halloween Costumes (6)

It would be hard not to cuddle this freshly hatched dragon! This soft Teagan the Dragon costume is perfect for that mystical beast that enjoys befriending princesses and curling up for naps beside a crackling fire. Not all dragons want to take over the world, some of them just want to take over your heart (insert aww here). Your little one will feel magical in this purple fleece suit with a hot pink belly, sparkly purple spikes and claws, and some super funky dots. Her sweet persona is completed with the sculpted hood. The teeth, though sharp looking, are pretty innocent. The big eyes are framed with luxurious pink lashes. The dragon is sure to be invited back to any castle as long as the castle's occupants are willing to postpone tea time until after little Teagan the Dragon’s nap!

Knight Riding a Dragon

Dragon Costumes - Toddler, Kids Dragon Halloween Costumes (7)

Umm, wow! Now that’s a hot ride! We’re sure boys will love this children's Ride a Dragon costume. Your little one will feel like they’re flying high in this imagination kindling ensemble. We don’t know where they’re headed but we’re sure they are bound to see some amazing things. Don’t be surprised to witness them pointing out unseen locations as they zoom around the house. You might hear, “Hey! Down there, it’s the Forest of the Forbidden Frogs” or “Hey look, it’s the mountain of doom!” Your kiddo doesn’t need a boarding pass for this high flying adventure, they simply need to slip their feet through the dragon’s body, slip on the knight's armor and they’re ready for takeoff!

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Charizard Costume

Dragon Costumes - Toddler, Kids Dragon Halloween Costumes (8)

Your little one has worked hard to catch them all. It’s a tough job, some Pokémon are elusive, others are hard to train. Still, none are as fiery as strong and smoky Charizard! Now, your little one can put aside their position of trainer and dress up as this little orange dragon! They’ll be cozy in the long sleeved hoodie dress even if they can’t actually spit flame. With the attached wings and attachable tail, she’ll be ready show those other opponents how strong she is. So whether your little one wants to wear the cool tutu dress and the cozy jumpsuit, they’ll be ready for action! Don’t worry, this little Pokémon won’t become a bully just because it’s strong, a Charizard never fries anyone that’s weaker than itself.

Baby Dragon Costume

Dragon Costumes - Toddler, Kids Dragon Halloween Costumes (9)

Your little one has yet to leave the rocky little nest you’ve made. Even before those little webby wings take form, your little one’s fiery side should be celebrated. Well we’ve got all kinds of dragon baby costumes! This baby dragon swaddle has cozy bunting with a dark green exterior with a scaly texture. The interior is a fresh green color, matching the sculpted dragon cap. There are yellow horns on the cap and wing like ears with tiny white teeth. Your baby might not be blowing fire yet but the fleece bunting is sure to keep this little lizard cozy.

Dragons of the Many Kingdoms

So you thought all the dragons were dead and gone, eh? No, not quite. These scaly little party animals only come out when the party warms up! The party has to be hot (like "third degree burn" hot!) before they emerge. Probably a good thing. Once they’re out, there’s no Humpty Dumptying the beasties’ shell back together. It’s fire and brimstone raining from the skies from here on out. So you might want to get out your fire proof umbrella… But, first, of course, check out some of our Dragon costume accessories from pop culture and more. No matter which kingdom these accessories come from, we’re sure that there’s going to be lots of fire breathing fun!

Ice Dragon Mask

Dragon Costumes - Toddler, Kids Dragon Halloween Costumes (10)

Well, nowadays on television, there are not just regular dragons. As if that wasn’t exciting enough! Now, there are ice dragons, and it’s a whole new situation. And when you find yourself in a new situation? Just roll with it. And of course, create an Ice Dragon costume. We’re sure you’ll want to complete your style with this detailed latex Ice Dragon mask. Pretty creepy, and very intimidating, this mask will make a great costume for any party!

Dragon Shoulder Sitter

Dragon Costumes - Toddler, Kids Dragon Halloween Costumes (11)

When you’ve got a little one you have to bring along, you can usually just push along a stroller. That won’t work if your scaly little baby has webby wings and blows fire! Fire damage simply isn’t covered in most stroller warranties. The best way to go? Give the little guy more freedom and let him perch on your shoulder. This gorgeous dragon shoulder sitter is attached to an elastic band that slips over the arm for snug transport. And those pirates with parrots on their shoulders thought they were so cool!

Dragon Queen

Dragon Costumes - Toddler, Kids Dragon Halloween Costumes (12)

If you’ve ever had anyone assume that you’re just there to be seen and not heard then you know how wonderful it feels to prove them wrong. If you’re the kind of queen that can’t be slowed down by layers of long skirts this Dragon Queen costume is exactly the ensemble you’ll want to wear. With the easy movement of this chic legging and tunic ensemble, it’ll be a bit easier to make yourself the leader you were born to be! Whether you’re leading an army through the high desert or you’re encouraging your followers over cold rugged mountains this tunic and cloak set will keep you looking and feeling strong. Your people will follow you to the ends of the earth, those dragons you brought along? They’re a pretty nice bonus!

Dragon Banner

Dragon Costumes - Toddler, Kids Dragon Halloween Costumes (13)

Is there anything scarier than a dragon with three heads? Nope. There is not. No, stop arguing. Three-headed dragons would be the scariest. That’s why you want to carry this intimidating Targaryen Tournament banner into battle. After all, it’s easy to win a battle without firing a shot if you’ve got enough intimidation on your side! This banner, of course, comes to us from the hit series Game of Thrones. Hang it up, and it’s the perfect way to pay homage to the Mother of Dragons.

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Dragon Slayer Costumes

So, we’ve covered dragons both sweet and ornery. We’ve covered dragon trainers and dragon queens. Let’s face it though. Some dragons can’t be reasoned with. Sometimes we need the gallant St. George to come to the rescue and slay the beast in its lair. Yeah, it’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it. If you think you’ve got the grit than you just might be ready to suit up in one of these ensembles. Don’t forget to bring a sturdy shield along, those flying fireballs aren’t to be trifled with!

Dragon Master Cape

Dragon Costumes - Toddler, Kids Dragon Halloween Costumes (14)

Oh me! Oh my! A dragon is attacking the countryside! How will the poor villagers know who has the nerve, the knowledge, the chutzpah to save them all? Easy. Just show up in this Dragon Master cape! This cloak is the medieval equivalent of wearing a t-shirt that says “ask me about my dragon slaying business”. A noble dragon is not only sitting on your chest but your wolf fur cloak is held on by two crossing bands of leather. We’d bet our bottom dollar that you slew the wolf that made up the pelt on your cloak as well! You're just a full throttle tough guy. Oh boy, that village dragon ought to be packing up a suitcase of its favorite jewels if it knows what’s good for it. It won’t be long ‘til you're heading to that cave to give that fiery lizard the what for!

Lady Slays-a-Lot

Dragon Costumes - Toddler, Kids Dragon Halloween Costumes (15)

If your little girl is strong as the desert sun and brave as a lion, this costume is for her. Even if not, we’re sure she’ll still enjoy dressing up in this fierce girl’s Warrior Knight costume. In the cloak and tunic that’s textured to look like chain mail, she’ll fight off the dragon’s dagger-like claws. Climbing a mountain in armor has never been as easy as it is in this silvery tunic! Sure, no one has ever come down from Mount Doom untoasted, but that was before Lady Slays-a-Lot was on the scene.

Dragon Wizard

Dragon Costumes - Toddler, Kids Dragon Halloween Costumes (16)

You know what they say: there’s more than one way to slay a dragon! Well, at least, they used to say that. Before we successfully slew all the dragons. While many knights thought to go after the scaly beasts with their swords and armor, there are easier, less blistering ways! Wise wizards knew to be more subtle when it came to taking down the fiery beasts. So if your child prefers to take down a dragon while wielding a wand instead of a sword this kid’s Magic Wizard costume is sure to charm human and beast alike!

Classic Dragon Slayer

Dragon Costumes - Toddler, Kids Dragon Halloween Costumes (17)

(Video) Baby dragon

Picture this: a white steed galloping up the rocky side of ominous mountains. The mist gathers around the peak of the mountain. But wait, is it mist or is it smoke? It doesn’t matter! A maiden in distress calls from an unseen cave. There can be no doubt: this kingly knight will prevail over the threatening fire lizard! If you are looking for a classic hero costume for your kid, this Royal Knight costume has a perfect storybook look! Whether the dragon is this knight’s little brother, the dog, or you, your little one is sure to have a fabulous time-saving the day! The only downside: it’s hard to believe a knight this sweet could even harm a fly.

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