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It can be really hard for even the calmest individuals to keep composed and in control of their tempers and emotions when they are trying to come to a decision regarding family law issues. This is why it is so important that you seek the help of a skilled team of family law attorneys to help you negotiate, especially if there are children involved. For the majority of family law matters, hiring a family law or child custody attorney is the smartest decision. They can help defuse situations that are becoming explosive and can help you resolve family law issues without anger or arguments.

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When it comes to family law proceedings in Oklahoma City, OK, Cannon & Associates have a long list of happy clients and favorable outcomes. Our team is experienced and skilled and has dealt with numerous cases just like yours. Our family lawyers cover a range of legal issues, including legal custody battles, property division, child support, parental rights, alimony arrangements, and high-net-worth divorces. We fight tooth and nail to protect our client’s rights and we don’t give up until they receive what is fair and reasonable.

Our family law team has made it as easy as possible to seek our help. You can call us any time to arrange a free consultation where we can give you some free unbiased advice and legal counsel. If you want to continue with representation then we can arrange a more formal case evaluation. If you feel comfortable with us at this point, we can begin moving forward at full speed and ferocity, utilizing our vast experience and many skills and resources to fight on your behalf. Call today on 405-591-3935 to speak to a skilled family law firm in Oklahoma County today.

How an Experienced Family Law Attorney Can Help You?

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Texas family law services are complicated to navigate, even for a law firm with a long history of practicing family law.


For even the most basic of matters, there is often a lot of paperwork that needs to be filed correctly and on time. This is one reason to seek the help of a reputable law office that deals with family matters every day. They will ensure your paperwork is filed and completed on time and correctly. The courts may take note of this and look upon you favorably if your paperwork is always in order.


When fighting over matters that are extremely important, like child custody, child support, and alimony agreements, it becomes even more important to seek the help of a skilled family law lawyer. They will be able to prevent the breakdown of communication that is the root cause of many bad decisions.

When you are angry, you are not in the best possible mindset to make decisions that are massively important for our child’s wellbeing and welfare. You should always make important decisions like this from a place of calm and clarity and your family law attorney will ensure you are in the correct space to do so.

Finally, you will be at a massive disadvantage if you are fighting against a spouse who has representation if you do not.

Family Law Services

Here at Cannon & Associates, we cover all types of family law and can meet legal needs such as:

Divorce Cases

It is rare for spouses to end their marriage on great terms. Often the decision is being made by one party and that can mean there can be a lot of negative emotions involved. Tempers can flare and anger may boil over, making it a very difficult environment for amicable discussion and agreements. Divorce cases need to be handled with care, the easiest way forward is going to be to employ the help of a skilled Oklahoma City OK family lawyer, one who knows how to negotiate and mediate.

We know exactly how to negotiate so that you get the most reasonable allocation of your marital estate. We also know how to fairly calculate child support and alimony agreements in a way that ensures you are happy and your child’s needs are met. We will always take as much time as possible to explain your options and legal rights to you. This means you can make a more informed decision from a place of knowledge. We cover same-sex marriage divorces, military divorces, and even high-asset, high-net-worth divorces.

Child Custody

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In divorces where there are no kids, each party will be fighting for themselves only. This makes things a lot more simple to deal with. When there are kids involved, both parties will most likely be fighting for themselves and also for their kids, which complicates matters a lot. Your attorney will now have to balance fighting for your rights and needs and ensuring that the child’s needs come first. We can help you work out a parenting plan that meets the needs of your family, whether that includes child visitation, relocation, or other legal hurdles.

Child custody cases are often explosive affairs, with passions and tempers running high. When this happens spouses often make decisions from a place of anger or spite. Unfortunately, this can cloud a person’s judgment and lead to decisions that are not best for the child. This is one reason why it is so important to seek the help of a skilled family law lawyer, one who knows how to negotiate and mediate between warring spouses. They can defuse the situation and ensure that you are both thinking clearly and with your children in mind.

Child Support

Child support is another touchy subject. As the parent who wins custody is often entitled to child support from their spouse it is easy to see why one parent may feel they got the raw end of the deal. However, in a married partnership, you share a responsibility to ensure your child’s needs are met, both financially and emotionally. Usually, marriages change to accommodate that, one parent might give up their job to look after the kids and one might remain working in order to provide financially.

When you decide to get divorced, you still both have a responsibility to your child and that means all of their needs must still be met. If you quit your job in order to stay at home and provide for the emotional and physical needs of the child, and you win primary custody, your ex-spouse should support you financially.

A good family law lawyer will be skilled in calculating what is a fair amount of child support.

Court Order Modifications

Court orders are serious and binding but they are not unchangeable. If you present the judge with a strong enough motive to change an order, they will listen to you. For example, if you have been in a car accident that resulted in injuries that mean you have to take six months off work, the judge may change the order so that you don’t have to pay alimony during that time.

Another thing that the judge will listen to and take seriously is any claim that your children are no longer safe with your ex-spouse. If you can prove that they are abusive or taking drugs, then the judge may change the custody agreement. You are going to need exceptionally solid evidence for this to happen and the best route to take is to speak to your attorney so they can help you build your case before taking it to the judge.


Court orders have to be followed and respected, you are not allowed to pick and choose when to follow them. If your spouse is violating their court order on a regular basis, make sure you speak to your attorney. They will be able to speak to your spouse and if that doesn’t work they will be able to approach the courts for help.

Spousal Support

When one partner is coming out of a marriage where they had given up their career in order to look after the children, they may be entitled to spousal support. Alimony or spousal support is a measure put in place to protect those who made sacrifices in terms of their careers and jobs for their children.

Parental Rights

We support both men and women through separation and ensure that mothers’ and fathers’ rights are protected.

Although men and women are treated equally under the law in Oklahoma Court, family law issues usually affect different genders differently. We are committed to helping families and will take the time to understand your needs and protect your best interests.

Domestic Violence

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Through the pandemic, we have seen a rise in the number of domestic abuse cases across the world and unfortunately, a lot of domestic abuse cases still happen here in America.

If you are currently in a situation where you do not feel safe, we want you to know we can help you. If you speak to one of our attorneys and tell them your situation, they can file an injunction on your behalf which will prevent your spouse from contacting you or your kids.

We know it is hard when you are stuck in an abusive situation but please do not hesitate to seek legal assistance and help from our team. We will drop everything to help you and we guarantee you will not regret seeking help.

False Domestic Abuse Allegations

While domestic abuse is on the rise, so too are false domestic abuse allegations. Sometimes spouses will employ this underhanded tactic in order to influence the court’s decisions in terms of child custody or support.

Don’t stand for this, with skilled legal representation we can fight these claims aggressively, helping you prove your innocence and discrediting your spouse in the eyes of the court.

Military Divorce

Military divorce in Oklahoma City, OK creates additional complications compared to a civil divorce. If one spouse spends extended [periods of time away from home it can make issues such as child custody particularly challenging. Furthermore, the division of certain assets such as military pensions and other benefits can be difficult to navigate.

Fortunately, our family lawyers have extensive experience in these matters and are prepared to handle your case.

How Much Will My Divorce Cost?

Our goal is to resolve our client’s divorce cases in a manner that achieves the best possible outcome for them while minimizing the costs of litigation.

Sometimes these goals are in conflict, in contested divorce litigation can go on for many months or even over a year. The amount your case costs is individual and depends on how difficult it is to reach a resolution.

When you contact us for a free consultation, we can review your case and give you an idea of how much it will cost.

What Traits Should I Look For in a Family Law Case Attorney?


Perhaps the most important thing to look for in an attorney is their track record of previous wins in family law cases. Any experienced family lawyer worth their salt will be able to provide this to potential customers.

Any family law attorneys that are hesitant or, who refuse to show you their previous cases and wins, should be avoided.

When you contact Cannon & Associates we will be happy to show you testimonials from our previous clients. Our team includes personal injury and criminal defense lawyers, which means that we are well equipped to handle even the most complex of cases.


It is important that you can easily contact your family law attorney. You won’t have 24/7 access to them, but they should reply promptly to your queries and should be prepared to offer advice or listen to your concerns.

Attorneys With Experience & Resources That Work For You

At , we have a dedicated and experienced team of family law lawyers. Each one of them is exceptionally skilled, compassionate, and has a wealth of experience to draw upon.

We have won favorable outcomes for numerous clients over the years through our negotiation and mediation skills and using our vast knowledge of Texas family law.

Call Cannon & Associates, your fierce advocates, today for a free consultation with a family law lawyer serving Oklahoma City at 405-591-3935.

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