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Before we get stuck into this weekend’s Hottest 100 countdown, triple j has spent today going through the songs that just missed out: the Hottest 200.

2022 was a huge year for music across the board and with over 2.4 million votes locked in, we know it’s been a big year for music fans falling in love with new music, discovering new artists and in particular, championing brilliant Australian music.

Think of the Hottest 200 as the perfect warm up to game day; maybe this list of songs will give you an idea of how the main countdown is gonna shape up?

For now, let’s get into this batch of music that you got behind with your votes – a stacked list of Australian beloveds, fresh faces, international superstars and one track that proves The Chaser still has *it*.

Fly Us To The Moon

The song that came the closest to snagging the #100 spot on the Hottest 100 of 2022 comes courtesy of British rapper Dave, and his track ‘Starlight’.

Written and produced by Dave himself, the track is another example of the rapper’s storytelling strength, and reinforced his position as one of the U.K.’s most talented new rap exports.


It’s the second time Dave has appeared on a ‘Hottest’ countdown, making his Hottest 100 debut last year; his collaboration with Stormzy - ‘Clash’ - clocking in at #79.

‘Starlight’ was the first single Dave released following on from his acclaimed 2021 album We’re All Alone In This Together, and only one of two tracks he released across 2022 as a whole.

Coming in behind Dave, we see both Jack Harlow and The Wombats make their first appearances in the Hottest 200; Harlow clocking #102 with ‘Nail Tech’, and The Wombats taking #103 with their Like A Version cover of Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’.


Rounding out the top five spots of the Hottest 200 list are two Australian favourites: Sly Withers (#104 with ‘Passing Through’) and the mighty Gang Of Youths, whose Like A Version cover of Travis’ ‘Why Does It Always Rain On Me?’ came in at #105.

It’s not the first time Gang Of Youths feature on this list, oh no.

But we’ll get to that in a moment.

Hot Like A Version(s)

Along with The Wombats and Gang Of Youths’ popular takes on some classic tunes, the Hottest 200 today revealed that a lot of y’all were really getting behind some big Like A Version moments this year, huh?

Six entries in the Hottest 200 were born in the triple j Like A Version studios in 2022 including the above; The Terrys’ take on Ben Lee’s ‘Catch My Disease’ (#132), former Hottest 100 winners Glass Animals’ rework of Destiny’s Child’s ‘Say My Name’ (#142), Camp Cope’s cover of Sam Fender’s ‘Seventeen Going Under’ (#174), and Baker Boy’s take on Blur’s ‘Song 2’ (#200).


Shot and [The Chaser]

Look, April 2022 proved to be a busy one for The Chaser.

The comedy group, off the back of a Reddit dare, released ‘Coal Makes Me Cum’; a remix video of an original Chaser post that mashed up various speeches by former Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

The track, as a result of a viral social media campaign, went to the top of the iTunes Australia chart, just as Australia was set to go into *another* federal election.

It was a time.

And look at it continuing to go! The track came in at #136, which is not a bad placement at all.


It’s not the first time a satirical or comedic song has featured in the Hottest 100; who can forget Denis Leary’s ‘Asshole’ beating out Radiohead and Rage Against The Machine back in the day, as well as Australian icon Pauline Pantsdown?

Then, you’ve got The Lonely Island, Flight Of The Conchords, and on the local front, names like The Bedroom Philosopher and The Beards nailing it too.

Read more about some of those songs, andtheir relationship with the countdown here.

A Big Year For Australian Music

We love to see it, truly!

Australian music had a brilliant year in 2022, and we’re seeing it reflected in your votes! The Hottest 200 features many repeat appearances, with a whopping 57tracks in this countdown all belonging to Australian names.

Gang Of Youths have the most entries in this year’s Hottest, when it comes to Australian acts, taking four spots total. From their J Award winning album angel in realtime, Gang Of Youths took #143 (‘you in everything’), #154 (‘the kingdom is within you’) and #173 (‘goal of the century’).

Then tying for three entries each, The Terrys (#122 ‘Waiting For You’; #132 ‘Catch My Disease [triple j Like A Version]’; #180 ‘Situation 99’), Mallrat (#119 ‘Surprise Me [ft. Azealia Banks]'; #135 ‘Your Love’; #199 ‘Teeth’), and Flume (#126 ‘Hollow [ft. Emma Louise]'; #148 ‘Sirens [ft. Caroline Polachek]; #176 ‘Highest Building [ft. Oklou]’).


These aren’t the only artists to make multiple appearances in the Hottest 200 either; Dune Rats, Ball Park Music, Ruel and Peking Duk all came in with two entries apiece.

Did you have your money on ‘em?

Or maybe your Dunies, Ball Park and Peking Duk votes are still yet to be heard?!

Make sure you’re tuned in tomorrow from 12pm AEDT to find out!

Don’t forget, we’re going large with our coverage this weekend.

Once the Hottest 100 countdown wraps on Saturday (tomorrow!), tune into Double J as the crew takes you down memory lane with the Hottest 100 of 2002; kicking off from 10am local time on Sunday 29 January.

Hottest 101 - 200 of 2022

  • #101: Dave - 'Starlight'
  • #102: Jack Harlow - 'Nail Tech'
  • #103: The Wombats - 'Running Up That Hill [triple j Like A Version]'
  • #104: Sly Withers - 'Passing Through'
  • #105: Gang of Youths - 'Why Does It Always Rain On Me? [triple j Like A Version]'

Cast your eyes on the full Hottest 101-200 list here, and keep reading for some more fun facts!

  • There were six entries in the Hottest 200 that were fresh uploads to Triple J Unearthed in 2022. And what a year those acts have had! We’re talking Adam Newling (#106), Beddy Rays (#107), DICE (#133), Teenage Joans (#155), Teenage Dads (#183) and The Buoys (#188)!
  • When it comes to the international appearances, Kendrick Lamar reigns supreme here, with three songs from his massive 2022 album Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers taking spots on the list: ‘Die Hard [ft. Blxst & Amanda Reifer]' at #110, ‘Father Time [ft. Sampha]’ at #145, and ‘Rich Spirit’ at #166.
  • There were many guest features heard scattered throughout the Hottest 101-200 list, but six collaborations (eg. where two artists or more are credited as lead performers) made their stamp on the countdown: Labrinth and Zendaya (‘I’m Tired’, #127), Lime Cordiale and Idris Elba (‘Holiday’, #140), Aitch and Ashanti (‘Baby’, #144), Disclosure and RAYE (‘Waterfall’, #163), Megan Thee Stallion and Dua Lipa (‘Sweetest Pie’, #184), KAYTRANADA and Anderson .Paak (‘Twin Flame’, 187).
  • Jack Harlow, The Weeknd and The 1975 tie with two entries each. Jack coming in with ‘Nail Tech’ (#102) and ‘Dua Lipa' (#138); The Weeknd with ‘Sacrifice’ (#137) and ‘Out Of Time’ (#160), and The 1975 with ‘Looking For Somebody (To Love)’ (#116) and ‘Happiness (Dancefloor Edit)’ (#130).
  • Perhaps surprising to some, Queen Bey only features once in the Hottest 100, with ‘ALIEN SUPERSTAR’ being the only Renaissance track heard in today’s countdown, #171.
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