How To Make Your Ex Regret Leaving You: 17 PROVEN TACTICS (2022)

How To Make Your Ex Regret Leaving You: 17 PROVEN TACTICS (1)

Is it possible to make your ex regret leaving you?

Absolutely! When love is lost, there’s no fun involved.

Love hurts.

And it really doesn’t matter who triggered the breakup because when true emotions are involved, it just hurts. Nobody likes a broken heart.

When it comes to love, there really are no rules.

In the moment, you’re feeling mad and angry and probably very sad, extremely emotional to say the least.

Perhaps it’s time to take action and make your ex feel sorry for leaving you.

Here are a few pointersthat are going to help you make your ex regret dumping you.

Pointer #1 – Don’t Contact Your Ex

After you have a fresh breakup it’s important you don’t ever act like a doormat to you ex or that you are too needy.

Just don’t pull the crybaby card in any way, shape or form.

Your best move…Just don’t contact your ex at all. It’s important that you avoid all contact so you can start the heeling process.

When you do this, you are going to take action to make your ex totally regret getting rid of you.

Think about it for a second and take action as you will.

Pointer #2 – Erase His Number Forever!

If you are serious about getting an ex to cry over leaving you, then you’ve got to erase him or her forever. What this means is you need to delete their number from all your devices.

You know the deal.

You need to make sure you are going to commit to never calling or writing them again. Be proud of who you are and your willpower to give into the urge to reconnect.

*Don’t do it!

Emotions are going to get in the way of logic so you just need to be wary of this.

Show your ex that you don’t need them and are strong on your own. You can fly solo with a smile and you will.

Pointer #3 – Take Action To Make Changes In Your Life In A Positive Manner

Think of your recent breakup as a warning. It’s time for you to take control and find your happy inside-out.

Do you really want to sit and wallow in depression?

But you still need to understand what has happened is real and it has affected you. That’s life!

It’s sad that you lost the companionship of a person you loved but sometimes that is a must be when you need to figure yourself and life out.

When you reflect on this sincerely, it’s reflecting on you that it’s important to make your ex partner regret leaving you. It is what it is.

Fact – There is a reason your ex is your ex, never forget that!

Take your physical and mental energies and put them together to help you put this all behind you and move forward positively to bigger and better.

Why not dress a little differently?

How about hitting the gym and getting fitter?

What about getting your hair done and perhaps getting your eyebrows tweezed?

It’s all about the little things here and when you keep your mind occupied by focusing on new changes, you are on the right direction to get passed your ex fast.

Pointer #4 – Load Your Life Full Of Fun!

When you freshly breakup, you should be focused on finding your higher status. Try to build a new circle of friends that are trustworthy and fun. People that are going to help you focus on what’s important to you in life and not the crap past you are trying to forget.

The only way your ex is going to seriously regret leaving you is to see that you are not sad and upset about the breakup. When he sees this, there is no chance he can gain your attention again and that’s an incredibly good thing.

Get out of your united social circle for all the right reasons.

Pointer #5 – Take A Sincere Stab At Trying To Make Your Ex Crazy Jealous

When you are looking to make your ex sorry they ended things, you need to take action to create a strategy that works. Make them feel sad because they just lost the most precious thing in their life.

Social media works wonders here.

Don’t go crazy but make sure you have just enough images on Facebook and Instagram to get noticed by you ex.

A few images a week will do the trick.

Truth – It’s not like he’s going to comment or anything and he’s not going to like your pics but they will capture his undivided attention.

This will make your ex jealous – Bottom line.

Make sure if you come face to face that you walk right by. The whole purpose here is to make him feel the sting of leaving you – End of story.

Pointer #6 – Leave The Communication Gap Wide Open

This does not by any circumstances mean that you are going to let your ex back in but it does mean you are teasing him a little, letting him know there is room to move in.

This one is a tad devious but if you truly want to get passed him and make him regret leaving you, then you need to leave your connection gap open a little, just enough to not totally shut him out.


This will open his mind to thinking about why he left you and that perhaps he made a mistake. If you can plant the thought in his brain, it’s going to stay there.

Pointer #7 – Boast Confidence

This one might take a little bit of time to get used to but when you run into your ex in any way, shape or form, you need to release your inner confidence.

Whether you are really feeling it or not isn’t the question.

Pretend if you have to.

Put on your greatest acting show ever and show yourself and your ex that you are ready to move on with a confident smile. Be happy with yourself and when you show him he’ll have no choice but to be sad for his chosen loss.

Pointer #8 – Don’t Be Afraid To Post

The best platform in the world to boast is social media. You can brag about what’s going on in your life and how happy you are. Don’t go overboard and put your happiness in his face but you have every right to continue on forward.

When you get dressed up and are looking crazy hot, you definitely need to take a selfie.

On the outside, if he is checking you out online, he is going to see that he’s seriously missing you.

Pointer #9 – Throw Your Bitter Card out The Window

The number one thing you don’t want to do is pick a fight with your ex about your past relationship, present or future stuff. Conflict creates stress and if you want to make your ex regret leaving you, it’s important that you keep it light.

When you take the mean out of the equation, you will force him to remember the good times and ponder why he left you in the first place.

Mind over matter.

Pointer #10 – Get Your Hair Done

I’m not sure whether or not you’ve heard about girls healing faster after a breakup by getting a new hairstyle or not?

But apparently there is some truth to it.

This does not mean you need to have a makeover to recreate yourself with the purpose of making your ex do a double take. Just do something for yourself that’s going to give you a smile. Anything that will perk you up a little.

When you do this, you increase the odds of making your ex regret breaking up with you.

Pointer #11 – Get Out There

No matter what, do not ever flirt with your ex’s friends with or without him. That’s just nasty.

But when you are conversing with anyone, make sure you are smiling happy and having a good time.

When he sees you can have any man you’d like. That will change his tune fast. He’s going to realize that he’s lost big time and you are one amazing girl.

Pointer #12 – Dress To Impress

When you go out, make sure you are dressed nicely just in case you run into him. This doesn’t mean you should go out of your way to overdo it because that’s just being fake.

If you have men or gals for that matter that are talking about how hot you look, it’s only going to help you enforce the fact your ex should miss leaving you…Just saying.

Pointer #13 – Mind Over Matter

The mind is a powerful thing and when you choose to be happy or find your happy, you are pretty much forcing your ex to regret breaking up you.

The more enjoyment you find in your life, the better. Be a fun person that treats others well. Be that person people want to be in a relationship with and you’ll come out on top.

You don’t need your ex to be happy. And there’s nothing wrong with you feeling satisfied that he’s sorry he ended things.

Here are a few more pointers on making him miss you head over heels after breaking up.

Pointer #14 – Use Your Friends

When you feel the need to make your ex regret leaving you, it’s important that you communicate this to him through various means. One of which is your friends. Don’t be afraid to reach out and touch your mutual friends after a breakup.

This means you shouldn’t shy away from people close to him just because he dumped you. When they see you are happy and they tell your ex you are happy, he’s got no choice but to feel like he made a mistake breaking up with you.

Pointer #15 – Shoot Him A Postcard

Sure, you were likely down in the dumps right after the breakup but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t find the means to get away for a while and tell him all about it.

Take off with your girlfriends for a week and make sure you send him a nice postcard of you sipping cocktails on the beach.

He doesn’t have any say now in what you do so you need to make the most of it. Surely, it won’t take you too long to move on and forget about him all together.

Pointer #16 – Shut The Door On Invitations

It doesn’t matter whether the invitations he’s sending you are subtle to just hang out or a little more serious when he’s questioning whether or not he really doesn’t want you any more.

Do not respond to any of his invitations. If he’s poking you on Facebook, don’t poke back. Keep your distance and you are going to show him that you don’t need him anymore. When he sees and feels this he’s going to be sorry leaving you.

Too bad for him!

Pointer #17 – Ignore Special Days

When his birthday roles around, just don’t acknowledge it. When your anniversary passes, do not shoot him a message and reflect.

And when it comes to his extended family, I’ll leave that one up to you. Your bond with them might be a little deeper than just your exes family.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year just can’t happen and whatever you do make sure you don’t put on your beer goggles and in a weak moment tell him your true inner feelings.

When you refuse to pay attention to him on those special days, you are shooting him the message loud and clear that he sure as heck better miss you!

Final Words

When it comes to making an ex regret breaking up with you, there are oodles of tips, tricks and experts tactics to help you with your mission. Think things through before you take action and understand no matter what, your ex does not deserve you.

Stay strong and best of luck!

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