Isabella Janke: Meet the Animal Torturer Who Trolled Chris Chan - Patriots' Soapbox 24/7 News Network (2022)

Isabella Janke: Meet the Animal Torturer Who Trolled Chris Chan - Patriots' Soapbox 24/7 News Network (1)
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Written byRadix Verum

August 11, 2021 at 2:53 pm


Trigger Warning: The following article looks at sensitive and disturbing subject matter. Please reference my earlier article on this topic for background to this story here, as well as my source here. ~~RV


Isabella Loretta Janke allegedly tortured and killed animals and wrote incest fan fiction, tried to troll Chris Chan into committing suicide.

August 10, 2021 — Isabella Loretta Janke has allegedly been identified as the woman who was on the phone with internet personality Chris Chan as he discussed having sexual relations with his own mother. Chan was arrested on a charge of incest recently and was booked in the Henrico County Jail in Virginia. Chris is a mentally handicapped autistic man, now a trans woman who goes by the name Christine Weston Chan. Chris is easily manipulated and has the mentality of a child.

Isabella apparently trolled Chris for over a year, initially trying to get him to commit suicide. There are serious allegations that she has done some horrific things and is actually worse than Chris Chan.

Janke allegedly recorded the call with Chris Chan and then bragged about how famous she was and accused someone of “seething” as they tried to question her. This was allegedly done for blackmail purposes to get him to kill himself. A former member of her discord server allegedly leaked that call. Janke’s family has serious connections, with her mother working for the U.S. Secret Service and her father being a former U.S. Navy Seal Team Six member. The family is extremely well connected and wealthy and there are allegations that the family engaged in DDOS attacks trying to prevent information about her from getting out.

Isabella Janke: Meet the Animal Torturer Who Trolled Chris Chan - Patriots' Soapbox 24/7 News Network (2)

There is athreadon Kiwi Farms1, an internet forum initially founded to discuss Chris Chan and the bizarre scandals surrounding him.

Michael Anthony Janke / Mike Janke – Father of Isabella, Former Navy SEAL Team Four and Six Member –Ridiculously wealthy; has founded or been a part of seven different data privacy-focused start-ups.

Michael Anthony Janke (typically goes by Mike) is a former Navy SEAL and the father of low-IQ sadist, Isabella. He’s founded multiple different startups since ending his military career at 12 years, almost all of them focused on data privacy or some form of cyber security.

Bella claims the gentleman isn’t her father, but it’s been proven beyond all reasonable doubt that he is (namely through her interview with him below).

According to herpaternal grandfather’s obituary (Charles Janke), Isabella is Mike’s only child.

I was originally suspicious of Mike’s grandiose record – anyone claiming SEAL Team Six makes me eager to verify, given the team’s exclusivity and prestige (they killed Bin Laden, just as one example). However, I attained verification thatMichael graduated SEAL Training Class 174 on 10 May 1991. He was initially assigned to SEAL Team Four and later served at SEAL Team Six. He was a sniper.

It was a personal former SEAL friend who has access to the non-public database of all SEALs past and present that provided this verification, so please reach out to me if you desire to see the receipt for yourself.

Michael Janke’s various Curriculum Vitae, archived:

entertainment network live

That thread appears to have conclusive evidence of her father’s serious government ties and connections.

Anotherthread from Kiwi Farms2makes some very disturbing allegations about Bella and her psychopathic behavior:

1. Part of the original reason people looked into the call was the suspicion that someone was manipulating Chris into the incest with Barb. While I still don’t see this as impossible, there is no direct evidence of this and we are not accusing Bella of doing so at this point due to this lack of evidence. Chris and Barb’s relationship has had incestuous undertones for years. Bella’s responses on the tape are nonetheless highly disturbing as she seems to be enjoying herself rather too much. This is addressed additionally below.

2. Even if Chris were entirely manipulated into this situation, it does not absolve him from abusing his mother. There is a narrative being pushed that Kiwi Farms is attacking Bella to defend Chris. This is not the case. While originally we were exclusively interested in the incest call, a pattern of extremely disturbing behavior by Bella has emerged and exploitative behavior towards Chris that we were not even aware of has emerged as well.

ISABELLA LORETTA JANKE was involved in attempting to cause Christine Weston Chandler/Chris Chan, an autistic transwoman and webcomic artist who has been a victim of Internet harassment for over a decade, to end his own life, to extort money from him, and much more. She made recordings of Chris-Chan discussing the incestual rape of his mother. While there is no evidence that she planted the seed of committing this kind of act in Chris’s mind, she seems to have watered it. Her words and voice in the tapes have an altogether inappropriate quality and seems almost to encourage Chris’s behavior, and she showed no signs of shock (nor even a change in intonation) when hearing the news which is highly suggestive of her having known about Chris’s actions beforehand.

Regardless afterwards she was also aware of the rapes and did not report them, allowing more to continue. If she reported them at all which is not at all clear that she did it was only after the situation began to slip out of her control. She additionally is on record discouraging another individual (who would go on to make the first leak of the tapes) not to report the matter to law enforcement. Apparently Bella’s plan was to wait until after BronyCon, where she planned to covertly videotape Chris and a young autistic woman having sex. Bella would later be involved in falsely leaking information about this young woman to the point where she was exposed to online harassment and had to be hospitalized on an inpatient psychiatry service.

Additionally she made efforts to maintain exclusive “control” over Chris for her own sick psychological reasons but also for her monetary benefit: she convinced Chris to send her money and claims to have “hacked” his bank accounts. Probably more likely she merely engaged in some “social engineering” or convinced him to give her his account passwords. The plan may have been to empty the money which had been put aside for Chris’s mother’s care after which the plan to incite Chris’s suicide would be put into place.

Isabella has already been involved, on the Texas Tech Campus, in allegedly causing the suicide of a trans-identified student and appears to have a wide track record of sociopathic behavior and involvement in a variety of illegal and disturbing acts including abusing animals and selling prescription medications. Furthermore, allegedly she was involved in a scheme where she set up hidden cameras to tape other students in compromising situations.

She obtained a fake ID which curiously was of another girl under 21, which is explained later when she states the purpose of the ID is to evade government regulations of some kind. It seems that she may have been involved in unclear darkweb shennanigans. Details are still emerging. She also used this ID in an attempt to convince us that she was not in fact ILJ. Nice try, Bella, but no. She has also apparently forged CoVID-19 vaccination cards for her friends.

There is a very large amount of leaks with very damning information that just dropped of which I only had a very vague idea of the contents beforehand, so I am just getting caught up myself. You will have to refer to the thread in real time for now. I’ll throw up bullet points here and there but don’t expect them to be up to date. It’s not possible to organize everything that’s coming out right now but what is coming out is highly disturbing.

  • It seems that the call may have been recorded and retained for blackmail purposes and then when shared by another Chris orbiter who leaked it out of panic, Bella then panicked herself and went into damage control mode spinning off the saga that we have today.​
  • The “BDSM texts” are confirmed fake byprofessional image analysis(more) and the tapes plus examples of “Kelly” and Bella’s voices proved to have the same female voice by professional audio analysis. Everyone is sending their best for this thread at that point.​
  • Here is a deep diveinto Isabella Loretta Janke’s conduct in harassing other students at Texas Tech and conspiring to cover up the digital footprint on page 586​
  • More spaghetti is being spilled in this thread than in Italy.Students from Texas Techhere have leaked and cataloged disturbing Discord chats from Isabella Loretta Janke.​
  • Each Texas Tech student has spoken to me has privately shown me their student ID.This is not an operation from some random Internet friend nor is it one Texas Tech student setting her up. If this was a frame-up it contains an unbelievably large number of moving parts even besides this. The claims someone is coordinating these leaks and claims against ILJ is ridiculous on it’s face.
  • On closing and reopening this thread…This thread has been a shitshow but a lot of very good information has been uncovered. Trying to summarize it remains a moving target especially in light of some more recent revelations. Honestly this has been extremely stressful for myself and those on our team but it seems like a clearer picture of what exactly happening is starting to emerge. Information is still being collated and people are still leaking things but it we thought it best to get in front of the narrative as there is A LOT of speculation going on in various places on the Internet (as well as A LOT of strange activity including ILJ seemingly being scrubbed off 4chan despite being posted about plenty.) This has been an extremely wild and disturbing ride and I do not think that it is over yet.On speaking with Bella…As many people know I have spoken personally to Isabella. I would not recommend doing this as she is extremely manipulative and seems almost physically incapable of an honest answer even when confronted with overwhelming evidence, which is typical behavior of persons with her kind of severe psychological issues. Our conversation came about when Bella, signal-boosted by@GiBi, social media personality and utterly embarrassed wannabe journalist, lead on by Bella and possibly by Louis Herz, also of Texas Tech, tried to convince myself and others that “Isabella Loretta Janke” of Texas Tech was not the voice on the tape discussing incest with Chris. Needless to say I was concerned about even the smallest possibility of involving an innocent person. Isabella is not that. She was provided with the opportunity to conclusively prove this by going on video and showing me “Bella’s” voice coming from another girl’s mouth. Pressed to do this she ended the conversation.

There are allegations that she leads a cult and has murdered about eight hamsters, microwaving one that was healthy and alive until it exploded. This is animal cruelty and is illegal.

A poster on theDrama Sigma forum4had this to say about Isabella:

  1. Josh, owner of Kiwifarms and probably the most targeted man on the internet claims that the cyber attack on kiwifarms has escalated in complexity compared to the usual amount of DDOS that kiwifarms endures, just after the first discord leak. Isabella Loretta Janke’s father is a cybersecurity expert and founder of some notable cybersecurity companies. Here’s a news article from 2013 where he talks about how he doesn’t let his daughter use google (lol)
  2. Her parents are former secret service. Father is a former navy SEAL (yeah, really) and mother was a psychologist for the CIA and currently a therapist. I find it hard to believe someone who has at least read DSMV wouldn’t immediately spot her daughters borderline personality disorder, or that a cybersecurity expert wouldn’t immediately spot his daughters pattern of publicly abusing classmates using her real name.
  3. She has a history of animal abuse and claims to have killed eight hamsters during her time in Texas Tech. Here is a news article from the same timeframe that could be evidence of this.
  4. The amount of damage control going on right now for this one lolcow is so big it’s hard to believe it could be done by just a small discord group. One common theme among these defenders are a tendency to place blame upon Fiona, who is the person who initially outed Isabella. It’s strange that an uninvolved internet person would be so insistent at blaming them.
  5. Her history of abuse and incredibly repugnant behavior was notorious on TTU and there were many verified students who complained about her behavior. She used title IX to shut down her critics and seems to at least be familiar with how to abuse the legal system for her benefit. Did she learn this herself, or did someone teach her? Allegedly she attempted to taze multiple students and has a 4th degree weapons charge. How does someone like this get away with so much? Is having rich parents enough, considering that TTU is basically a school for rich retards already?

These are obviously disturbing allegations and it evidently gets worse. A series of videos on YouTube allege she is a white supremacist cult leader that doesn’t bathe and has fungal infections in her hands and feet.

This video claims she leads a small but dangerous cult on the Texas Tech University.

This is allegedly a video of an interview with Isabella since the claims about her and her involvement with Chris Chan came out.

ThisBitchute video5calls her a “monster” and shows discord chat logs, this should be taken with a grain of salt as we know these can be faked ala Jack Posobiec.

This video is the most extensive video I have seen to date that has what appears to be evidence of her involvement with Chris Chan and other disturbing things.

These are very serious allegations. Right now all that has been confirmed is her documented history of bullying and her involvement with Chris Chan.

Isabella Janke: Meet the Animal Torturer Who Trolled Chris Chan - Patriots' Soapbox 24/7 News Network (4)

Allegedly she claimed her father had watched pornography with her.

This is one tweet from an entire twitterthread6about this.

Isabella Janke: Meet the Animal Torturer Who Trolled Chris Chan - Patriots' Soapbox 24/7 News Network (7)

This is an excerpt from an interview with her father, from several years ago where he discussed extreme monitoring of her internet use and not allowing her to use certain apps and software. This might explain why years later as a college student she would go full 4chan troll.

Isabella has written incest fan fiction, allegedly and if she was telling the truth about watching pornography with her father that is extremely disturbing. Other allegations include her boiling hamsters alive, and torturing and killing small animals with her cult at Texas Tech.

Isabella Janke: Meet the Animal Torturer Who Trolled Chris Chan - Patriots' Soapbox 24/7 News Network (9)

Her father, since retiring from the Navy SEALs has been involved in major government-tied tech startups and got into real estate and did a stint on The Apprentice.

Isabella Janke: Meet the Animal Torturer Who Trolled Chris Chan - Patriots' Soapbox 24/7 News Network (14)

This is a graphic with screen shots of her cult group in discord bragging about abusing animals, even sexually and killing them in sick ways.

Isabella Janke: Meet the Animal Torturer Who Trolled Chris Chan - Patriots' Soapbox 24/7 News Network (15)

Allegedly from her discord server, these show troll like attention seeking behavior.

In conclusion I want to say that Isabella is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, just like Chris Chan. I would welcome an interview with her, if she would like to reach out. What I can say is there are very disturbing allegations and what appears to be evidence pointing at psychopathic and abusive behavior on her part. If anyone has any further information or documentary evidence about Isabella, please reach out to me via my Gab account (@DiggingDeeper) and I will update this post. Please pray for these people and Chris Chan and Barbara.

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