'Pretty Little Liars' season 2: Hypable's ultimate guide | Hypable (2023)

You probably remember the A reveal from Pretty Little Liars season 2, but do you remember everything that got us there? If not, our ultimate guide will get you back up to speed.

The #PLLEndGame is drawing ever nearer, and we’re getting ready for the end of Pretty Little Liars by taking a look back at the past seasons. We started with season 1, and now we’re moving on to the show’s sophomore season! We want to go back through every message the Liars received from A, the beginning of our favorite ships, every crazy theory, and even every seemingly meaningless moment, so we’re fully ready for the final 10 episodes.

We’ll be posting one of these “ultimate guides” once a week, until season 7B premieres on Tuesday, April 18, so keep your eyes on Hypable in the coming weeks. If you’ve never watched Pretty Little Liars before, we won’t spoil anything beyond the season that we’re talking about, so feel free to watch/read along with us! Let’s dive into all of the texts, videos, flashbacks, reveals, and creepy dolls that made up Pretty Little Liars season 2!

Major storylines

Pretty Little Liars season 2 begins right where season 1 left off. The Liars are just being taken away from the church, where Spencer witnessed Ian’s supposed murder. The mystery of Jason DiLaurentis, discoveries from Alison’s past, and the continued fear of Ali’s lurking killer were some, but not even close to all of the big ticket items in Pretty Little Liars season 2!

Who is A?

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A continues to mess with the Liars in Pretty Little Liars season 2, taking a special interest in Emily. From fake college scout letters, to fake suicide notes, A was all over the place. When the Liars’ parents deduce that something is seriously going on with them, they advise/force them to see a therapist.

Although the girls are hesitant, at first, they actually start to look forward to their visits with Dr. Sullivan. However, when they start opening up to her, Dr. Sullivan, herself, gets targeted by A, and “NOSEY BITCHES DIE,” is written on the wall of her ransacked office.

A stages a public attack against the Liars at the fashion show. While the girls are walking in Ali’s old dresses, and an Ali tribute is playing in the background, the music and slideshow suddenly change to one where Alison is demonized. Noel was running the slideshow.

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After Emily receives a text instructing her to tell Ella about Ezria and runs away, the girls decide to confide in Dr. Sullivan. They tell her everything about A, and she actually puts the pieces together, since A is one of her other patients! She calls the girls and tells them to meet in her office, but when they get there, she’s gone. A texts them saying, “the doctor is out.”

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A lets the Liars know that Dr. Sullivan is still alive, but being held captive, and they use that to get the Liars to comply with their demands. The Liars are given dolls with tasks, and as they complete them, A gives them information.

A leads Emily to a garage, and locks her in there with a running car. She’s pulled out by Alison(!) and is safe when the other Liars find her. The Liars find a shovel next to the garage with coordinates taped to it. They bring the shovel (read: murder weapon) to what they think is where Dr. Sullivan is buried, and the police show up to arrest them.

Somehow, getting caught with a known murder weapon only gets the girls community service, thanks to Veronica Hastings. During their service, they stage a fight, with Emily saying that she wants to make a deal with A, and Spencer disagreeing. Emily says that they have something A wants. She says there’s something in a box of Alison’s things, which Jason gave to Aria, which exposes A. A, being all knowing, contacts Em about making a deal, and they pick the greenhouse as the drop point.

The plan doesn’t go super smoothly, since A tries to strangle Emily and the other girls don’t show up in time to unmask them, but they do get A’s phone out of the deal! They give it to Caleb and he starts uncovering things. The first thing he uncovers is a picture of dolls, which was taken at Spencer’s lake house. They deduce that A was using the lake house as a hideout.

Spencer finds a receipt for “Smitty’s” with a bag of phones in the lake house. She and Aria go to check it out, and it’s right next to Jenna’s school for the blind. She speaks to one of Jenna’s peers about how determined Jenna was, and she steals the sign-in book. She sees that Garrett signed Jenna out the night that Ali disappeared. When Spence returns to Rosewood, she realizes that Mona was on the same train as her.

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Next, Caleb starts uncovering videos of the N.A.T. club. Spencer and Toby found out that Jason, Ian and Garrett all formed this club while they were packing up Ian’s yearbooks. N.A.T. stands for Nos Animadverto Totus, which means “We See All.” One of the videos showed a close up of the box that Jason gave Aria. They see an ID that depicts Ali with dark hair, with the name, “Vivian Darkbloom.”

Upon looking at the box more closely, they realize that Ali had hidden notes inside one of the dolls. The notes were threatening, and they were from A! We also see Ali receiving texts from a flashback episode that Ali was receiving texts from A at Noel Kahn’s Halloween party. During the episode it was clear that she was mean to Mona, she and Jenna were shaping up to be rivals, and somebody tried to hurt her when they took Noel’s place in a prank.

A quick Google search of “Vivian Darkbloom” leads them to Lolita, which leads them to Ali’s copy of Lolita, which contains a coat check ticket. The coat check ticket leads them to…a red coat!! The red coat has a phone number in the pocket, which they call. They speak to someone named Jonah, whom they meet. He specializes in tracking calls and texts, and he met with Ali when she was trying to figure out who A was. Apparently, he gave Ali an address, and she never paid him. He offers to let the Liars pay for the same info, and since they have Spencer “the money” Hastings, they oblige.

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The address is inhabited by an old man, so they’re pretty disappointed. Then, through Ashley, they figure out that the building used to be a law firm, which Melissa Hastings interned at. They set a trap for Melissa using Caleb and Mona (they make out right in front of her) to see if she’s A. Hanna receives a text right after, so they consider that confirmation. Even though Mona was part of the plan, and had been receiving texts from A, herself, Hanna lies to her about getting the text.

Jonah later calls Aria and tells her that Ali had been receiving texts from more than one number. He gives her another address, which leads them to the Doll Hospital. The owner’s creepy, psychic son tells the Liars that Vivian had come in asking about who purchased a voodoo doll and that he told her to stop looking, because a man and a woman were trying to hurt her. However, it was later revealed that A paid the owner off.

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Jason gives the Liars another box of Ali’s things that Maya had apparently dropped off. At first, they don’t think anything’s in there, but they keep looking. One night, Spencer wakes up and sees Alison rummaging through it. Ali says that she’s sorry for not telling her about Jason, and takes some of her painkillers. Spence thought it was a dream, but when she wakes up, the door and the pill bottle are both open.

After Spencer’s conversation with Ali, they find highlighted newspaper, in Ali’s bag, and discover that Alison corresponded with A through classified ads. They also find a pen and a postcard from the Lost Woods Resort. They go there and see that she checked in the morning before she went missing.

At the masquerade ball, Mona tells Spencer that she saw Ali in Brookhaven a week before she went missing, and that she was watching someone. Brilliant Spencer figures out that one of the rooms at the Lost Woods Resort hadn’t been checked into in months, because it’s been rented! She and Mona go there, they find A’s lair, and Mona reveals herself as A!

Mona knocks Spencer out, kidnaps her, and offers her a spot on the “A Team,” while threatening to kill her if she doesn’t join. Spencer sneakily calls Aria and slips in their location and the Liars race to get there. Mona reveals that she was jealous of the Liars and their friendship with Hanna, so she started messing with them. When Mona sees Hanna pull up, she freaks out and tries to push Spencer off a cliff, but she, herself, falls off.

Dr. Sullivan returns, saying Mona had threatened her son, and tells the girls that Mona had been living in a state of hyper reality, and with the right treatment, she could get better. Inside Mona’s head, she’s thinking that her capture has lured the girls into a false sense of security. We later see her telling someone in a red coat that she’d done everything they’d asked.

Who killed Alison?

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It doesn’t take long for the “Ian killed Alison” notion to crumble, in Pretty Little Liars season 2. Frankly, Rosewood never believed the Liars’ story, but even the Liars start to second guess themselves, pretty quickly.

Let’s start back at the scene of the crime. The Liars are being not-so-silently judged by the entire town, outside of the church, when good ole Officer Garrett takes them away. He tells them to not tell anyone about Ian’s videos, because the blackmail that they attempted is a “serious crime.” Garrett’s just looking out for number one, but in reality, that kind of thing on their record wouldn’t be awesome, since Rosewood already thinks they committed another crime: killing Alison. To avoid further suspicion, the parents tell the girls not to hang out.

Jason moves back into the old DiLaurentis house, after Maya’s family leaves, and Jenna and Garrett really aren’t into it. They spend countless hours spying on him, and remarking that people can’t find out about “the Jason thing.”

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The official theory of the Rosewood PD (and if you can’t trust them, who can you trust?) is that Ian fled town. Melissa doesn’t believe it, saying that Ian would never believe her. Spencer soon discovers that Melissa has a really great reason for not believing that he’s dead, or gone, since she’s been receiving texts from him.

The Liars follow Melissa one night, and discover that she’s meeting Wren and picking up pills. Luckily, Wren still has a thing for Spence, so she gets him to help the Liars figure out where Melissa’s supposed to meet Ian. The location is at an old barn. When the Liars get there, they hear Melissa scream, so they run into the barn. Ian’s dead body is there, with his hands still clutching a gun and a suicide note, in which he confessed to killing Alison.

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A texts Emily and says “does that suicide note look familiar?” From that the Liars figure out that the note is made up of old A texts, and that it’s not an actual confession from Ian. This leads them to believe that A actually was involved in Ali’s murder.

At her local post office, Emily finds the delivery guy from the night they tried to blackmail Ian. He pretends he doesn’t know her, but she figures it out. He said he never met Ian. He responded to an internet posting and talked to a woman on the phone about the job. After Garrett finds out that Emily knows this, he pays Logan to keep quiet and calls Jenna, saying, “it’s taken care of.”

When Ian’s confession becomes public, Jason is relieved. He tells Aria that he has no memory of the night that Ali disappeared, as he was under the influence for that entire summer. The morning after she disappeared, he found a note in his pocket that said, “I know what you did.” He’d thought there was a chance that he killed her.

Unfortunately for Jason and his misplaced relief, the girls start getting seriously suspicious that Ian was innocent. A really drives the point home when they lead them to Ali’s grave. There, the full “I know you wanna kiss me” video is projected and the Liars see that Ali got up and walked away from Ian at the end of the video.

When Toby was working on the Hastings property, he found a buried hockey stick with the name “Hastings” on it, right on the property line between theirs and the DiLaurentis’ yards. Peter Hastings freaks out when he sees that Toby found it and he asks him not to tell Spencer. Of course, Toby had already told Spencer, and she recalled that she’d given the stick to Alison the summer before she disappeared, and they deduce that it was the murder weapon. Spencer later finds her father burning the hockey stick.

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The Liars finally realize that they can’t trust Garrett when Aria finds the vase that she’d witnessed Jenna making in their pottery class in Mike’s stash of stolen goods. He tells her that he got the vase from Garrett’s house, and they figure out that Jenna and Garrett are in a relationship. Garrett realizes that they know when Spencer starts backtracking on questions she’d asked him, in the past.

Determined to figure out, once and for all, what the murder weapon was, the Liars sneak into the morgue and steal Alison’s autopsy report. It was ruled that she was hit from behind with a curved blunt edge – bingo – hockey stick. They also see that she had dirt in her lungs, which means she was buried alive! All that info is in the report, but one thing that isn’t there is page 5, which we later find out is the analysis of trace evidence found on the body.

The night that the girls get arrested, when A frames them with the shovel, which is the actual murder weapon, Jenna shows up at the police station to see Garrett. He gives her page 5 of the autopsy report. They say that there’s nothing left to link them to that night, and that Ali “deserved to die like that.” After the arrest, during the one month time jump between episodes, Garrett and Jenna’s relationship becomes public. They then break up soon after Toby and Spencer hear them fight about how they made a mistake by “pulling in somebody else.”

Just because they’re broken up, doesn’t mean Jenna and Garrett are off the hook. The videos that Caleb uncovered from the night that Ali disappeared showed that Ian, Garrett and Jenna were all together, in Ali’s room. Garrett and Jenna were telling Ian that he’d gone too far with the videos. Later, they find out that Melissa was in the room that night, too.

With the proof of Melissa on the video and the intel that Jonah gave them, the Liars, other than Spencer, are ready to go to the police. Spencer obviously isn’t keen to turn on her family, and she wants to hear Melissa out. On top of the video and texts, Melissa had also lied to Spencer about meeting Garrett one night, so she had a lot of explaining to do.

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She tells Spencer that she needed to talk to Garrett because she didn’t believe that Ian killed Ali. However, she confesses to Spencer that she thinks she told him too much about their family. She told him that Peter and Veronica had been fighting the day that Ali went missing, and when the news broke, they suddenly stopped and Peter “almost seemed relieved.” Melissa also says that she confessed to Peter about sending angry texts to Ali that day, regarding Ian. After that, Peter was worried that Melissa might’ve killed Alison.

While at the Doll Hospital, someone mistakes Aria for Vivian. She meets with them, and discovers he knows Ali’s real name, and has no idea that she disappeared. Apparently, he saw her the day before she went missing, when she asked him to fly her from North Carolina to Philadelphia. He’s a pilot, obviously. From this, the Liars figure out that Ali was in town for hours before they‘d thought she was.

After Jenna’s surgery, when Toby is pretending to be close to her again, Jenna gives Toby a page that Garrett gave her and pretends she doesn’t know what it is. It’s page 5 of the autopsy report. She asks him to take it to the police. Later, after kissing Melissa, Garrett is arrested for Ali’s murder. Jenna later meets someone in the park, with her glasses off and full vision. She says, “they’re all gonna be at the party. You know what you need to do.” The Liars later see Jenna with Lucas and the “black swan” at the masquerade ball.

Jason and Spencer, S-I-B-L-I-N-G (S)

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Spencer hears her dad on the phone, yelling about Jason returning to Rosewood. She figures out that it was Jessica DiLaurentis, and sees them fighting again at the fashion show. Peter tells Spencer to stay away from Jason. A while later, when Spencer and Toby are making out in his truck, they see shadows in the upstairs window of Jason’s house. Peter storms out and yells at Toby for no apparent reason.

At the beginning of Pretty Little Liars season 2, Jason keeps asking Spencer to get Peter to call him. When Spencer confronts her dad, Peter explains it by telling Spencer that a week before Alison went missing, his grandmother had cut Jason out of her will. He changed the date on the will so it wouldn’t look like Jason had motive to kill Alison.

When she recalls a conversation that she’d had with Alison about how Melissa and Jason would be a “match that the God’s would frown on,” Spencer figures out that Jason is her brother. She talks to him about it, and he tells her that he found a box of Ali’s with letters from his mom to Spencer’s dad, and money.

They start to believe that Peter blackmailed Alison to keep quiet, but he says that he never gave a cent to that family. When Spencer finds a bank statement showing $15,000 leaving her dad’s account around that time, he tells her he hired a private investigator to solve Ali’s murder, because he was worried Melissa was involved.

For a refresher on the friendships and relationships in Pretty Little Liars season 2, go to page 2. To catch up on every message from A, every A scene, and more, go to page 3!

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Who is the ultimate A in PLL? ›

In the television series, the first and original “A” was revealed to be Mona Vanderwaal. Mona later builds “The A-Team” with the help of the second “Big A,” Charlotte DiLaurentis. The series concluded with the third and final “Uber A” being revealed as Alex Drake, the twin sister of Spencer Hastings.

Who was Melissa meeting PLL? ›

Spencer asks her sister to protect her over Ian, but Melissa snaps back angrily. The Liars later find out she had been secretly meeting with Wren after watching her take something from Kingston in the Hastings' parking lot.

What episode is Ezra exposed? ›

Free Fall (Pretty Little Liars)
"Free Fall"
Pretty Little Liars episode
Episode no.Season 4 Episode 20
Directed byMelanie Mayron
Written byMaya Goldsmith
8 more rows

Why does Ali fear Ezra? ›

(alis attempt to get rid of ezra from her life) Ali is afraid of Ezra because he tried to kill her when she refused to get an abortion.

Who is the main villain in PLL? ›

Alex Drake as "A.D." "A" is the main antagonist of the novel and television series Pretty Little Liars.

Who are three A's PLL? ›

Alex Drake (Season 6B-7) Charlotte DiLaurentis † (Season 3-6A) Mona Vanderwaal (Season 1-2)

Who texted Mona as A? ›

This message was sent to Hanna during season 3, when the girls were a little fuzzy on who was sending the “A” texts. Mona was in Radley, but clearly working with this new “A,” later revealed to be CeCe.

Is Ezra the Big A? ›

Party of one?! To help you process this totally unexpected, and heartbreaking reveal, we chatted with executive producer, Marlene King, to further clarify the information that just exploded in our television screens. "Ezra is not A, but he is a pretty little liar." King exclusively revealed to E! News.

Was Spencer's twin A the whole time? ›

It turns out that Spencer (Troian Bellisario) had an evil twin this entire time, and that "A.D." refers to her initials — Alex Drake.

What secret was Melissa hiding from Spencer? ›


Much to the surprise of everyone, Melissa and Ian (who dated Spencer behind Melissa's back, and also dated Ali behind everyone's back) elope.

What did Melissa whisper to her dad? ›

She buried her alive. This is what Melissa whispered to her father while waiting for Spencer in the police station last season and it's why Mr.

What episode does Aria get pregnant? ›

The DArkest Knight (Pretty Little Liars)
"The DArkest Knight"
Episode no.Season 7 Episode 10
Directed byArlene Sanford
Written byI. Marlene King & Maya Goldsmith
Produced byJonell Lennon Hynndie Wali
13 more rows

Did Ezra sleep with Alison? ›

Ezra and Alison “didn't do anything,” and in fact she lied about her age when they first met at a bar; he dumped her when he found she wasn't 21. Hanna was the one who kissed the detective who was flirting with her all season; after the kiss, he backed off.

Is Ezra A villain? ›

Type of Villain

Ezra Fitz is a prominent character in the Freeform series Pretty Little Liars. However, he serves as one of the two main antagonists in Season 4 (the other being CeCe Drake). He was portrayed by Ian Harding.

Who is Alison scared of the most? ›

Grunwald knew that Charles is who Alison feared, but because she can't really "see" with her gift, she instead "feels" in her soul whether or not someone can be trusted.

Who was touched by the one Ali fears the most? ›

The one person she despised the most … CeCe Drake.

Who got Ali pregnant PLL? ›

Ali revealed to Emily that she is pregnant with her ex-husband, Archer's baby. “There's two lines on the stick. I was waiting for one to disappear but it didn't. At first I thought I was just stressed.

Who was the final villain in Pretty Little Liars? ›

Alexandra "Alex" Drake is the final antagonist of the television series "Pretty Little Liars", serving as the main antagonist of Seasons 6B and 7. She is Uber A, better known as "A.D.", and the identical twin sister of Spencer Hastings, half-sister to Charlotte DiLaurentis, Wren Kingston's girlfriend.

WHO IS A after Charlotte dies? ›

Alex Drake is the 10th and final "A" to be revealed. She wanted to avenge Charlotte's death and became Uber A.

Why was Toby A? ›

Toby claims he only joined “A” as a way to keep Spencer safe. Despite this questionable justification, the Liar got back together with Toby in finale “A DAngerous Game” until their last breakup (so far). Following the Toby bombshell, it seemed as though Mona had also recruited Spencer to the “A Team” of minions.

Is Lucas an A? ›

In Season 4, however, Mona reveals that Lucas actually was the "A" who gave Emily a massage.

Why did Mona become A? ›

In the books, Mona becomes "A" as revenge for the Liars taking part in the blinding of Jenna Cavanaugh. In the TV show, Mona joins the "A-Team" because she feels that the Liars (possibly including Alison, as she received notes from "A" as well) "took" Hanna away from her.

Who was A in the books? ›

There are three different "A"s throughout the series. The first A is Mona Vanderwaal who dies and the second A is Alison DiLaurentis. Alison resumes being A since everyone thinks she is dead, along with her helper A and boyfriend Nick Maxwell. He is then caught and arrested, while Alison continues being A.

Was Mona A the whole time? ›

Mona was unmasked as the original “A” in season two and then sent to Radley Sanitarium. She faked her death in season five, but it was later discovered that she was double-crossed by new “A” Charlotte DiLaurentis and held captive in her dollhouse throughout season six.

Was aria meant to be A? ›

Spoiler alert: “A” was revealed to be a few people: Mona Vanderwaal, CeCe Drake, and “A.D.,” AKA Alex Drake, Spencer's (British) twin sister. According to Lucy, the main cast all wanted to be “A,” but it was not to be. "I wanted Aria to be 'A'. I think we all wanted to be the bad guy,” she said.

How did Spencer know Mona was a? ›

Meanwhile, Mona and Spencer drive to the Lost Woods Resort in order to discover what's in Room 2. Arriving there, Spencer discovers "A's" lair, where costumes, hoodies, pictures, and other parachute reside. Spencer finds Ali's diary and solves the puzzle: Mona is "A".

Who is Ezra's crush? ›

Sabine Wren. Ezra and Sabine. As the two youngest members of the crew of the Ghost, Ezra and Sabine were good friends. Ezra instantly developed a crush on Sabine the moment she first revealed her beauty to him.

How old was Aria when she slept with Ezra? ›

Ezra was Aria's high school teacher when they started dating — she was only 16 — that alone was creepy. The backstory only made it worse. He had previously hooked up with and romanced Aria's friend, 15-year-old Ali (Sasha Pieterse), until the night she disappeared.

How is Alex Drake related to Spencer? ›

Alex is Spencer's identical twin sister, whose existence was unknown until the series' final episode. During an interview to Elle, Bellisario disclosed that Marlene King, the show's creator, was planning to introduce Spencer's twin since 2014, when the show's fifth season began airing.

Who is Alison's twin sister? ›

Courtney DiLaurentis was the identical twin sister of Alison DiLaurentis. She was also the girl who Aria, Spencer, Emily, and Hanna knew as "Ali" and was their best friend.

What happens to Noel Kahn? ›

Noel was also the prime suspect for Uber A, especially for Hanna, as it was later discovered he helped Charlotte in the dollhouse. He was killed while fighting Hanna and Emily, as he tripped on his own axe and accidentally executed himself.

Who is the body in Alison's grave? ›

Bethany Young is a major posthumous antagonist in the television series "Pretty Little Liars". Bethany was a patient at Radley Sanitarium and is revealed as both the girl buried in Alison's grave and the murderer of Marion Cavanaugh.

Why was Melissa in A black hoodie in the finale? ›

Melissa was the ultimate red herring. That's why it was her mask. Probably because she was such a big suspect that fans were rooting for to be AD, so it was an acknowledgement to those theories...same with how Wren was involved in the twist and Aria as black hoodie this season.

What secret is Billy and grace keeping from Spencer? ›

It was because Grace and Billy had an affair a few years ago. So Spencer lost all his trust in Billy temporarily. They then had to work through their issues and eventually they did.

Was Melissa part of the A team? ›

The biggest reveals from Tuesday's episode: The “A” team revealed: The complete “A” team was revealed throughout the episode, and, as of the end of the finale, the team members consist of — or once consisted of: Shana, Melissa, Jenna, Mona, Toby, and, to a lesser degree, Spencer.

Who drugged Emily? ›

In the span of one episode, Meredith drugs Aria and locks Aria, Emily, and Hanna in a basement before disappearing forever. On season three, episode 16, "Misery Loves Company," Aria starts feeling sick after finding out that her father was being blackmailed by Ali and saw her the night she died.

Was Melissa ever pregnant? ›

Birds of a Feather Melissa reveals, along with being the Black Swan, that she lost her baby the day after Ian was found dead. She was going to tell Spencer, but found Ian's phone in Spencer's possession, and had been faking her pregnancy ever since.

Do Hanna and Caleb have a baby? ›

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists

It was revealed after the 3rd episode that Hanna and Caleb had a baby boy named Aidan.

Can Aria not have kids? ›

Before her wedding to Ezra, Aria finds out that she will not be able to have children making her believe she can no longer get married since Ezra wants a family.

Did Ezra get Aria pregnant? ›

Two years later, while “Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists” was airing, the official Twitter account revealed that Ezra and Aria had adopted a daughter and named her Katherine Ella, the middle name being a tribute to Aria's mom.

Who is the father of Alison baby? ›

While the audience assumed it was either Noah or Cole who was the father after it was revealed that Alison and Cole slept together, a key witness from the night of Scotty's death dropped the bombshell: Oscar (Darren Goldstein), the Lockhart brothers' longtime enemy (who also has a history with Alison).

Who knew Alison alive? ›

Ian Thomas knew that Alison was still alive... So at the end of season 1, when he's struggling with Spencer at the bell tower, someone wearing a hoodie comes in and he says, "What are you doing here?" At the end of season 4, Alison says that she pushed Ian.

Who was Alison sleeping with? ›

Alison and Ezra aka #Ezrison

Ali, who is 14(ish) at the time, seduces Ezra, who is a college student. Despite lying about her age, she soon gets found out and the two break up right before Ali is buried alive by her own mother.

Why is Ali scared Ezra? ›

(alis attempt to get rid of ezra from her life) Ali is afraid of Ezra because he tried to kill her when she refused to get an abortion.

Who gave Ezra his scar? ›

After the defeat of the Inquisitor, Ezra appeared before his master, alive but scarred after he was struck in the face by the Inquisitor's lightsaber.

Does Aria find out Ezra is A? ›

Aria [ Lucy Hale ] finally finds out that Ezra [Ian Harding] has been A all along . Episode no. In the episode, Spencer is ready to tell Aria that Ezra is "A", while Hanna and Emily, worried that Aria will be hurt, remain hesitant.

Is there Horror in Pretty Little Liars? ›

Season 1 Of "Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin" Is Packed With Horror References And Easter Eggs — Here Are The Ones I Caught. It's giving Halloween.

What season is the DArkest night in PLL? ›

"The DArkest Knight" is tenth episode of the seventh season of the American mystery–thriller television series Pretty Little Liars.

Is PLL a horror show? ›

Pretty Little Liars is one of the best teen horror TV shows and the spin-off is just as good.

What is the lowest rated episode of PLL? ›

Here are the 10 worst episodes of Pretty Little Liars, according to their IMDB rating.
  • Shadow Play (6.7)
  • We've All Got Baggage (6.9) ...
  • These Boots Were Made For Stalking (6.9) ...
  • Bedlam (7) ...
  • New Guys, New Lies (7.1) ...
  • Where Somebody Waits For Me (7.1) ...
  • Charlotte's Web (7.2) ...
  • Exes And OMGs (7.2) ...
8 Nov 2019

Who is Allison so afraid of? ›

Grunwald knew that Charles is who Alison feared, but because she can't really "see" with her gift, she instead "feels" in her soul whether or not someone can be trusted. So it was impossible for Mrs. Grunwald to know it was Alison's friend CeCe Drake.

Was Aria ever supposed to be A? ›

Surprisingly, Lucy thought that Aria herself was going to be revealed as “A” when the show wrapped. “Honestly, I thought it was Aria. I thought for the whole eight seasons that they were eventually going to make Aria 'A,'” she told BuzzFeed. “There were so many things that, like, led up to it.

Is Aria A villain? ›

Type of Villain

Aria Montgomery is one of the main protagonists from Pretty Little Liars. However, in the seventh season, she becomes the secondary antagonist. Aria is one of the Liars, the group of girls being tormented by "A".

What season Is A Kiss Before Lying in PLL? ›

Pretty Little Liars - Season 2 Episode 18: A Kiss Before Lying - Metacritic.

Can Aria have kids PLL? ›

Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists

After the second episode it was revealed that Aria and Ezra adopted a baby girl who they named Katherine Ella.

What season is Mona exposed as A? ›

In the Season 2 finale, Mona revealed herself to be "A", the one torturing, blackmailing, and physically harming Hanna and her friends. Mona was angry at the Liars for taking Hanna away from her in 8th grade, and again after Alison's death.

Do people like Original Sin PLL? ›

Fans of PLL will enjoy Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin because it's basically a more violent reboot of the original series. But there's a lot going on in this series, which might get overwhelming at some point.

Who are the 5 ghosts in PLL? ›

Series Information

The Five was a group of five seemingly random teenagers who were involved in the mysterious curse in Ravenswood. The members of the five included Caleb Rivers, Miranda Collins, Remy Beaumont, Olivia Matheson, and Luke Matheson.

Is Alison DiLaurentis A villain? ›

Alison Lauren DiLaurentis, also known as Ali, is the main antagonist of the Pretty Little Liars novels. Alison is revealed to be "A" and a psychopathic serial killer who murdered a total of seven people.

What is the highest rated season of Pretty Little Liars? ›

1. Season 2. The second season is peak Pretty Little Liars, before mysteries become too convoluted and everyone and their mother is forced to have been associated with Alison in some capacity.

How many A's were in Pretty Little Liars? ›

In total, there have been two active "A" users - Mona Vanderwaal and Charlotte DiLaurentis.

What is the most interesting season of PLL? ›

Pretty Little Liars season 4 marks a major turning point in the series, as it's finally revealed Alison is alive and she finally reveals in the season finale what happened to her that night. However, in the fashion of Pretty Little Liars, the viewer has to sit through tons of filler to get to the most major reveal.

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