Reacting to Izuku Yagi: Abused and Neglected Hero (2022)

This is how the people of the quirk world reacts to Izuku Yagi: Abused and Neglected Hero


  • 1 Harem
  • 2 Nice Characters
  • 3 Neutral Characters
  • 4 Character Bashing
  • 5 Prologue


  • Class 1-A: Kokoro Todoroki (forgiven), Shioka Bakugo (forgiven), Tsuyu Asui (forgiven), Himiko Toga (forgiven), Camie Utusushimi (forgiven), Momo Yaoyorozu (forgiven), Nejire Hado (forgiven), Mina Ashido (forgiven), and Toru Hagakure (forgiven).
  • Class 1-B: Nekita Monoma (forgiven), Itsuka Kendo (forgiven), Setsuna Tokage (forgiven), Yui Kodai (forgiven), Reiko Yanagi (forgiven), Kinoko Komori (forgiven), and Melissa Shield (forgiven).

Nice Characters[]

  • Masaru Bakugo and Rei Todoroki are a good uncle and aunt to Izuku. They are also mad about how he was treated.
  • David Shield and Sir Nighteye are also good uncles and hate the bullying. David is disappointed in Melissa.
  • Gran Torino and Recovery Lady are good grandparents to Izuku and is disappointed in the family for being neglectful.
  • Mount Lady, Kamui Woods, and Death Arms are good older siblings to Izuku and are mad about the bullying.
  • Miruko and Hawks are also good older siblings and hate the bullying.
  • Koda, Aoyama, Kirishima, Jiro, Ibara, Pony, Mei, and Shinso are the only students who protected Izuku.

Neutral Characters[]

  • Ikaru Yagi is Izuku's abusive older sister but she just wanted to protect him. She believes that he'll only get hurt.
  • Shoto Todoroki only bullied Izuku out of jealous belief that he had a perfect life and good parents but stops when the Bakugo siblings go way too far and he finds out that he's no better than his father.
  • Kokoro Todoroki only bullied Izuku so he can be stronger and that she loves him but stops when the Bakugo siblings go way too far and realizing that her harshness is damaging his sanity. However, she's forgiven by him and claims that he loves her too.
  • Shioka Bakugo only bullied because she thought he broke a promise with her but after hearing his note being read and hearing him letting her stay at U.A., she wants him back.
  • Some of the 1-A and 1-B students took part in the bullying but now regret it.
  • Even Melissa Shield was in on the bullying but now regrets it.
  • Even The Big Three were in on it but now regret it.
  • All Might and Inko are neglectful parents to Izuku but they still love him and they didn't know about the bullying.
  • Aizawa, Vlad King, Midnight, and Present Mic are neglectful uncles and aunt but they change their ways.

Character Bashing[]

  • Katsuki Bakugo bullied Izuku out of pure selfishness and greediness. He's always hated Izuku from the start and bullied him for being close to Ikaru, who currently hates Katsuki for his evil nature.
  • Ochaco Uraraka
  • Neito Monoma
  • Mineta Minoru
  • Endeavor
  • Mitsuki Bakugo


In Ikaru Yagi's room, she misses her younger brother Izuku Yagi, who was a true hero in her eyes. However, she disappears.

In a theater room, she and everyone from her life wakes up and they see Izuku having fun with Hisashi Midoriya.

Ikaru was happy to see her brother but stood down, not believing that she deserves to greet him.

Hisashi reveals a story they will see.

Izuku gets put in Kokoro's lap, making her smile and hug him.

(Our story starts with Ikaru Yagi and her friends Shoto and Kokoro Todoroki attending the Entrance Exam but they don't feel like they deserve to be heroes.)

"Why not?" asked a worried Hounddog.

"Because we have done something wrong." said a remorseful Ikaru.

(When they were kids, they would hangout with Ikaru's pure-hearted younger brother Izuku Yagi. When the Todoroki kids met him, he was kind to them and had a heart of gold. His reason for wanting to be a hero is because he wants to help people and to give people hope, even to those who don't deserve it.)

Everyone admired that kid.

"He's such a true hero." said a smiling Nezu.

"But why isn't he at U.A.?" asked a worried Nejire.

(They admired his heroism. They also met the Bakugo siblings and Shioka Bakugo had a crush on Izuku but her brother Katsuki Bakugo seemed to be annoyed by Izuku and even seemed more interested in Ikaru, which Izuku noticed but didn't want to tell his sister because he didn't want to ruin a new friendship.)

Ikaru felt sad about that and wished Izuku would warn her about that monster.

Everyone had their suspicions because they've seen Katsuki's behavior and don't seem to trust him.

Shioka was always curious about that and wondered what did they have against each other.

(Shioka had him promised that Izuku would be a hero with her and he did promised.)

Shioka angrily sees Izuku as a liar.

Hisashi notices and shook his head in disappointment at her.

(Video) Izuku yagi as Superior Spider-Man (Abused bullied Later bloomer Au)

(However, everything changed when Izuku was diagnosed as quirkless while Ikaru had a powerful quirk.)

"What's wrong with that?" asked an annoyed Kamui Woods, knowing discrimination when he sees it.

"Even if he is quirkless, he can still be a hero with that personality of his." said an agreeing Mt. Lady.

"How did he get described as quirkless anyway?" asked a confused Death Arms.

"The doctor said that Izuku had a second joint on his pinky toe while people with quirks only have one joint." said a sad Ikaru.

"That moron! That theory was proven false years ago! He should have his medical license removed!" said an angry Recovery Girl, feeling bad for Izuku.

(Izuku's life became bad: his parents neglected him for Ikaru, his so-called friends were distant from him, and his uncles or aunts ignored him.)

Everyone glared at them.

"How could you?" asked an angry Mount Lady.

The neutral people looked down in shame.

(Even worse, Ikaru doesn't want him to become a hero and easily lets Katsuki manipulate her and the others into bullying him. His heart was broken when Kokoro and Shioka joined in on the bullying since he crushed on them but they are only breaking his heart.)

'I'm so sorry, my beloved.' thought a crying Kokoro.

'Please, forgive me.' thought an also crying Shioka.

(However, he didn't hate Kokoro because he overheard that she was only trying to make him stronger so they can be heroes together. He heard that she loved him, which he admits that he loves her too.)

Kokoro smiled at this and vowed to confess to him.

(He actually hates Shikoa because her reason is very selfish and hypocritical. Shioka thinks that Izuku becoming quirkless had caused him to break their promise but she's the one who broke it by abandoning him and willingly being a quirk supremacist who hates Izuku for being quirkless.)

"Shioka, that reason is indeed selfish and hypocritical. You abandoned him and betrayed him. It wasn't his fault. He did want a quirk. It was you who broke the promise. He loved you and trusted you." said a glaring Kokoro.

Shioka bowed her head down in remorse for her selfish and hypocritical reason. She agrees that it's her own fault for breaking Izuku's heart.

(He is neutral towards Shoto because he understands the guy's tragic past and the jealousy but doesn't think it's an excuse. Shoto could've gone to therapy about what happened during childhood and could've reported Endeavor to the police because child abuse and quirk marriage is illegal.)

Shoto looked down in tears for not thinking of that.

Kokoro comforts him but also blames their father for how they acted.

(He also was irritated by Ikaru's reason and believes that she sees him as weak. He doesn't want her to treat him like a kid because he's already growing up. He wants to prove that he's not weak and that she needs to stop treating him as a weakling.)

"Ikaru, it is not your job to decide if he's a hero or not. He is making his own choices." said a stern Shoto.

(Video) Yagi family reacts to Izuku as izana kurokawa (abused/neglected/abandoned au).

Ikaru sighs at this and still wishes to protect Izuku.

(He didn't tell teachers about it because they didn't care. He only told Masaru Bakugo, Rei Todoroki, David Shield, Sir Nighteye, Gran Torino, Recovery Girl, Mount Lady, Kamui Woods, Death Arms, Miruko, and Hawks about it and they were disgusted but he had them promised to not punish the neutral bullies since those guys had their reasons, which they agreed to.)

The neutral bullies were shocked but grateful.

'Thank you, little bro.' thought a grateful Melissa.

'We should get to know you better.' thought an also grateful Nejire.

(David was shocked that Melissa was in on it and doesn't know why since she doesn't hate him for being quirkless. He thought that she loved Izuku like a little brother and always took care of him but only to have been bullying him for being quirkless. Despite her only doing it to protect Izuku, he still plans to talk with her when this gets revealed.)

Melissa cried in remorse because she does love Izuku as family and she betrayed him.

'I'm sorry, little brother.' thought a crying Melissa.

(Sir Nighteye was disappointed in the Big Three and hoped that they would be true heroes but he was wrong. They were like big siblings or cousins to Izuku but they bullied him over being quirkless. He declares Izuku to be a more worthy successor to All Might.)

The Big Three looked down in shame.

(Principal Nezu actually wants Izuku to attend U.A. because he cares more about the personality, not the abilities. He also made sure that U.A. would do background check on students and if they are bad, the bad students get either expulsion or probation.)

They were nervous at that.

(On the last day of middle school, Izuku saw a villain attack but was glad that it got stopped by Mount Lady, Kamui Woods, and Death Arms. However, he got flustered by Mount Lady winking and waving her butt but got irritated by perverted cameramen and scolded them for taking pictures without her permission, which Mount Lady smiled at in gratitude.)

All females smile at this.

(In the class, the neglectful teacher didn't stop anyone from arrogantly showing their quirks but he also purposefully called out Izuku for wanting to join U.A. and let Katsuki Bakugo assault him with explosions.)

"I'm having that school investigated and the teachers will be in trouble for not doing their jobs." said a glaring Nezu.

The Pro Heroes nod in agreement.

(After class, Katsuki blew up Izuku's notebook and threw it out of the window as the others laugh but Koji Koda, Yuga Aoyama, Ejiro Kirishima, Kyoka Jiro, Ibara Shiozaki, Pony Tsunotori, Mei Hatsuma, and Hitoshi Shinso were glaring in disgust at this. They don't care if Izuku is quirkless or not, they aren't going to bully him.)

The said kids' parents were proud of that.

"Thank you kids." said a grateful Hisashi.

(However, what Katsuki said will destroy any friendship he ever had.)

  • Katsuki: (smirking) "If you want to be a hero so badly then pray for a quirk in the next life and take a swine dive off the roof of the building."

(The bad bullies laughed at that but the good and neutral people gasped in shock and horror at that, even Shioka looked horrified by what her brother said.)

Everyone was also horrified and angry.

(Video) Pro heroes+Yagi family react to Deku as Goku Black/Abused and Bullied AU/no ships/last part/Bad Eng/

"Did he really say that?" asked an angry Hisashi.

"Yes he did." said an also angry Ikaru.

"How dare Katsuki say that to my son?" asked an also angry Nana.

"We want to kill him." said an also angry Kokoro and Shioka.

"Katsuki Bakugo will remain banned from U.A. for life." said a glaring Nezu.

(They looked to Izuku and see him being horrified by what Katsuki told him. In sadness and heartbreak, he runs away from them, ignoring their pleas to come back. They sighed at this before glaring at Katsuki.)

  • Ikaru: (glaring) "How could you?"
  • Katsuki: (scoffs) "So fucking what? That's what his filthy kind deserves."
  • Ikaru: (angry) "That's it. We're through."
  • Katsuki: (shocked) "Are you fucking serious? You're supporting a filthy quirkless thing?"
  • Ikaru: (enraged) "I now realized you are nothing but an abusive and villainous monster."
  • Shoto: (glaring) "She's right, you went way too far."
  • Kokoro: (also glaring) "I hate you, you bastard."
  • Shioka: (also glaring) "Even I think you went way too far."
  • Katsuki: (laughing) "Like I would ever care about that freak. Him and his kind deserve to die."
  • Ochaco: (also laughing) "Yeah, no wonder his parents ignore him."
  • Monoma: (also laughing) "He's just a waste of space."
  • Mineta: (also laughing) "And all girls would rather have us guys than him."

(They glare at them in hatred.)

Everyone was shocked that they didn't have remorse for this behavior.

Masaru was more disappointed than ever.

Ochaco's parents were disgusted with her.

The Monoma family looked embarrassed by their son/brother's behavior.

Mineta's family are also upset by their son's behavior.

(They agree that when they find Izuku, they will talk with him and apologize, not realizing that the damage might already be done.)

Everyone were worried.

(However, Izuku chose not to jump but still hates Katsuki and his three lackeys more than ever.)

Everyone sighed in relief that he chose not to jump.

(As he was busy trying to ignore the bullies, he got attacked by the sludge villain first but was rescued by All Might.)

Everyone sighed in relief that All Might saved him.

(Izuku then asked him if a quirkless person could become a hero but All Might regretfully told him no and watched in guilt as the heartbroken boy left, which he vows to make up for.)

All Might looked down in shame for saying that.

(However, he saw the sludge villain from earlier was holding Ikaru, Kokoro, and Shioka hostage. Despite what they did to him, he still chooses to run to the villain and try to save them. All Might was inspired by this and defeated the villain.)

The girls' families were grateful.

The girls want to find a way to thank Izuku.

(Video) The Midoriya’s react to Izuku | forgotten AU | Explained/read desc

(The three girls were thankful and a few pros praised him for his help but some greedy rookies unfairly scolded him for his recklessness and claims to have had it under control, much to everyone's anger and disgust.)

Everyone was not happy at all.

Nezu was disappointed in those rookies for their ungratefulness.

(Saddened by this, Izuku walked away but Ikaru, Kokoro, and Shioka stood up for him.)

  • Ikaru: (glaring) "Hey, what is your problems?"
  • Kokoro: (agreeing) "Yeah, he saved our lives."
  • Shioka: (also agreeing) "You don't act like heroes to me. Maybe you should get a different career."

(All true heroes and kind-heart civilians scolded the fake pros for not doing their jobs and choosing to scold a kid out of jealousy.)

Everyone agreed.

(While walking home, he noticed All Might and Ikaru Yagi talking. He hid and eavesdropped on the conversation. He was shocked that All Might was his dad but was heartbroken that he grants Ikaru as his successor and declares that Izuku hasn't shown any heroism to be worthy.)

All Might looked very regretful for what he said and scolded himself for acting so hypocritical.

(However, they then see Izuku and they got worried that he heard the whole thing.)

  • All Might: (regretful) "Izuku, I can explain."
  • Izuku: (heartbroken) "No, it's alright. I apologize for being a burden and for not being good enough."

(He walked away in tears as All Might and Ikaru tell him to come back.)

Everyone felt bad for him.

Hound Dog promises to give him therapy.

(At the Dagobah beach, Izuku sat on the sand and looked at the sun sadly but then a man encountered him and asked what was wrong. Izuku told him everything and the man was very sympathetic. However, they find out that they looked like each other. The man introduced himself as Hisashi Midoriya and claims that he is Izuku's father. He didn't want to leave his son but sadly had a past villainous life and couldn't get out of it. However, Izuku forgave his father and asked to live with him. Hisashi nodded but they need to deliver a letter to the Yagi Family because he's not gonna do the fake death thing.)

Ikaru was shocked that Izuku is only her half brother and is sad by how less she knows him.

All Might sighs in regret for failing Hisashi.

(At the Yagi home, All Might and Ikaru invited friends and family to let them know that Izuku finally knows about One-For-All but got heartbroken about being declared unworthy. Sir Nighteye told him everything about Izuku's intelligence and how the kid can analyze quirks. They then see a man and he gives them the letter. They read it and were saddened that he doesn't see himself worthy of being All Might's son but are glad that he forgives All Might and the neutral people for what they've done because they were only concerned for him.)

The neutral people were grateful but still felt bad for what they did.

(He also reveals that he had a crush on the neutral females (except for Ikaru because she is his sister) and knows that Shoto and Shioka want to break up on good terms. He asks Shoto to just confess to Ikaru already.)

The said girls smiled, agreeing to share him.

Shoto blushed at this.

(He also condemns the bad people for willingly harming him with zero remorse and he gathered evidence that Endeavor is abusing Shoto and Kokoro, despite that they should've reported him to the police and seek therapy for the damage that was done to them.)

The two siblings have to agree to that.

Izuku forgives them.

(Video) izuku yagi as ghost rider (there's some mistakes please ignore)


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