The entire SkyDoesMinecraft abuse and assault controversy explained (2022)

Adam Dahlberg, better known by their YouTube alias "SkyDoesMinecraft," has been accused of trauma, abuse and assault by an ex-girlfriend. The former Minecraft YouTuber has since been accused by a number of their former workers and friends in a series of tweets and threads as well.

Twitter user '@Lizzybuggie' aka Elizabeth, posted a 6,000-word document hosted on iCloud, recalling her tumultuous relationship with SkyDoesMinecraft and the continuous abuse she was allegedly subjected to while they were together.

Rising to fame in 2010s, Dahlberg was one of the first pioneers of Minecraft on YouTube, their channel "SkyDoesMinecraft" inspiring an abundance of Minecraft content seen today. The popularity and influence they held made this exposé all the more shocking for their fans.

Dear Adam Dahlberg aka netnobody afka SkydoesminecraftIts time everyone knows the truth. Im tired of letting you get away with this. The police know.Putting the evidence below since it wont upload appropriately…

Breakdown of the innumerous abuse and assault allegations against SkyDoesMinecraft

The controversy began when Elizabeth, an ex-girlfriend of Adam's, took to Twitter to release a statement documenting her experience with the YouTuber. Physical assault, mental abuse, animal abuse, and adultery are just a few among the many allegations leveled at Adam.

Elizabeth wrote:

"You use your fame, your name, and your platform to hide the disgusting and disgraceful things that you so claim not to do. You not only verbally abused & degraded me, the mother of your 2nd child, you traumatized me and put me through things NO ONE should ever have to experience. You hurt me for too long, and I am tired of feeling afraid of you and what speaking up may bring."

The allegations were backed up by photographic evidence, recordings of conversations and official police statements of the events she talked about. These accusations are very serious, and according to Elizabeth, the police have been involved in the situation for a while.

In her statement, Elizabeth explained how Dahlberg would force her into uncomfortable situations, such as pressuring her to get pregnant and proposing to them against her wishes.

She also claimed that Dahlberg would often go off their bipolar disorder medication, leading to long periods of mania and psychosis. Their behavior would then become more volatile, citing instances of horrific maltreatment while Elizabeth was pregnant with their child.

She added:

''It started getting scary and movies don't describe well enough how bad it can get. You started breaking s***. Throwing things.... You started forcing me into sleep deprivation."

Adam "SkyDoesMinecraft" Dahlberg alleged to be a serial abuser

Elizabeth’s tweet had a snowballing effect as several of SkyDoesMinecraft's friends and coworkers came forward with similar allegations. The YouTuber was accused of gaslighting, manipulation, animal abuse and mental trauma.

The primary among these confronters was the Twitter user Alesa (@yeswecannabliss), the ex-wife of Adam Dahlberg. Alesa, who has a son with the YouTuber, had previously been involved in a similar scandal with Dahlberg, which ultimately led to their divorce.

Claiming that Dahlberg manipulated the public context to portray her as a bad person, Alesa mentioned that she kept her son away from the YouTuber because they did not have an active parental plan set.

Pretty much. The only time I ever "kept our son away" was when we didn't have an active parenting plan set up to ensure I'd get him back after visitations. Instead of waiting for the parenting plan, Adam let Keemstar manipulate him into having a breakdown on Dramaalert.…
When Dawn (his older ex) and I came together to write an affidavit against him, he bribed her by giving her their Pitbul from their relationship (Rascal) in attempts to quiet her and to discredit everything I was saying.Like I said, he uses people and animals for his own gain.…

Other accusers include YouTubers AntVenom, SubZeroExtrabyte, Gizzy Gazza, and Twitch streamer Ross Pal. All have worked with SkyDoesMinecraft in the past and shared their experiences of toxic work environments and maltreatment.

Liz, you're incredibly brave for speaking up. I only ever saw what was going on with Adam through the lens of a phone, but you had to live it. I hope you get the solace that you deserve.In this doc, I was mentioned. For what I did see in video calls, I can vouch for its truth.…
My experiences with SkyDoesMinecraft: will be the last time I ever bring up his name or this discussion in a "main tweet". I thank those who spoke before me, making me more comfortable to do so.Just know that I am not minimizing what he did.
I feel kind of relieved that this stuff is finally coming to light. I worked for Adam for almost half a decade from when I was just 15 years old. I gave up everything - my social life, my sleep, school - to work 20h/day for him - as a child 1/4…
I was given the option to purchase my channel House_Owner back for $100k and he was furious when I said I would rather just start a new channel than pay for my own name, I still get comments of people not knowing why I changed or thinking I just quit…
I remember after I left the office I wanted to distance myself to let wounds heal but was immediately forced to be back in
There are reasons why Adam/Sky and I haven't spoken in over 4 years. We've had a very on/off friendship throughout the years. He's hurt me, and many others have their own stories too. Maybe one I'll day I'll tell mine, but today, please read Elizabeth's:…

Unfortunately, the list of accusers does not end here. A number of content creators and coworkers continue to come forward following Elizabeth's tweet.

Working at Skymedia was the darkest period of my life that I've ever and probably will ever have. Eventually the constant gaslighting and mental torture lead me to nearly kill myself but I decided to take my situation into my own hands and quit/move as far as I could.
I deleted my YouTube channel "munchingbrotato" because this nut actually scared me out of my career. I now struggle to pay my bills and tried to start livestreaming again under another name because i thought hey it's been long enough. 1/2…

New threads continue to pop up daily, backing the claims of the various victims while also providing their own experiences and evidence. Adam Dahlberg is yet to comment on the situation.

Dahlberg has a massive following on YouTube with 11 million subscribers and more than 2000 videos. Their channel is currently inactive and has an unscheduled video upload status. Dahlberg is currently facing heavy backlash from people on social media, content creators, and their former streaming community.

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