“To think I looked up to him”: Internet reacts to the Adam Dahlberg aka SkyDoesMinecraft abuse controversy (2022)

Today, the ex-girlfriend of YouTuber SkyDoesMinecraft made allegations of abuse against the internet star, backing up her claims with a vast amount of evidence.

Adam "SkyDoesMinecraft" Dahlberg was one of the first pioneers of Minecraft content on YouTube, making a name for themselves in the early 2010s. Their content paved the way for the type of Minecraft content seen today, and inspired many young fans to create content of their own.

The influence they held made this news all the more shocking for their fans, creating an uproar of comments directed at the accused YouTuber saying they are ashamed of supporting someone capable of such actions.

Note: Adam Dahlberg uses they/them pronouns and will be referred to as such.

Dear Adam Dahlberg aka netnobody afka SkydoesminecraftIts time everyone knows the truth. Im tired of letting you get away with this. The police know.Putting the evidence below since it wont upload appropriately icloud.com/pages/096anNR0…

Fans show their dissapointment and disgust towards SkyDoesMinecraft following allegations of abuse

Many fans of the creator were shocked to read the 6,000 word description of ex-girlfriend Elizabeth's experience living and interacting with Adam, where she went into disturbing detail about the traumatic events that she was put through. She accuses Adam of physical abuse, mental abuse, abusing their pet, and much more.

The allegations came as a shock to many fans of SkyDoesMinecraft, with most expressing their disbelief at the situation and stating that they were disappointed in Adam and themselves for not knowing.

@Lizbuggie To think I looked up to him ... You are so brave for sharing this.
@Lizbuggie I hope this keeps gaining attention, Adam had a huge fan base of young people that didn’t understand anything that was happening and couldn’t see the bad, his old fanbase is older now and capable of using this information for the better. I’m sorry I couldn’t see it before..
@ERETCUTIE @Lizbuggie @nbyRnboo @xisutech @VelvetIsCake oh my god i spent so much time supporting them im so disgusted
@Lizbuggie I have absolutely no words. I looked up to this person's videos so much as a kid and just to have that crushed is, well, crushing, tbh. I'm sorry you had to go through what you did, and I hope that you're in a much better place now that you're out.
@Lizbuggie Wow…the things I’ve heard about them before that happened with their friends and stuff made me think that all that happened were misunderstandings and stuff, but this…this proves what they’re really like.I’m so sorry you had go through this. We’re all on your side <3

Many also showed their support for Elizabeth, saying she was brave enough to finally bring the allegations forward:

@Lizbuggie I am so sorry this happened to you 💔 please stop blaming yourself and please stop saying you disappointed people, you did your best and you did everything in your power to help. I hope you have a better life with your family far away from him
@Lizbuggie Thank you so, SO much for coming foward with this. It must have taken a great deal of strength to do so and I hope you're aware that you are not at fault for how horrible of a person Adam is. Please don't blame yourself for his mistakes and actions. I wish you the best.
@Lizbuggie this is so horrific , i hope the best for you and all of the other people adam has affected
@Lizbuggie Just finished reading, jesus christ. I'm so sorry you had to go through this, and felt that no one would care. I cannot even begin to image how hard it was to through, and write about it. I hope you've been able to get the healing and safety you need
@Lizbuggie You’re so incredibly brave, I’m so happy you and your daughter are doing better, I’m so sorry this happened to you, you and your family deserve nothing but happiness <3

Other creators who know SkyDoesMinecraft have stepped forward and supported her statements, saying they can attest to their truthfulness.

Liz, you're incredibly brave for speaking up. I only ever saw what was going on with Adam through the lens of a phone, but you had to live it. I hope you get the solace that you deserve.In this doc, I was mentioned. For what I did see in video calls, I can vouch for its truth. twitter.com/Lizbuggie/stat…
I left college completely over a silly promise he made and moved in with him to work on videos. Shortly after I moved in, Elizabeth did. Elizabeth tried her best to get him help. I can remember nights of her just wanting to sleep but too scared too. twitter.com/lizbuggie/stat…
Working at Skymedia was the darkest period of my life that I've ever and probably will ever have. Eventually the constant gaslighting and mental torture lead me to nearly kill myself but I decided to take my situation into my own hands and quit/move as far as I could.
He was one of my closest friends.. He’s hurt so many people. I was lucky to be able to leave. I wish I could have done more to help.. Liz has made it possible for those that have been affected by him to speak out. I’m wishing Liz and all those affected the very best. twitter.com/lizbuggie/stat…
Everyone was so scared of this guy, including myself. Creators spent years being intimidated by him. And he lost 99% of his friends throughout his career. Now you guys know why. Scumbag I’d never be a friend to a guy like that.

With this mountain of evidence and other ex-friends of Adam coming forward to testify as well, it seems like these claims may be true. While fans were saddened by the news that their favorite childhood YouTuber was abusive to those around them, they were quick to support the victim of the accused crimes.

Elizabeth has also stated that she has been working with the police for some time on this situation, being able to get more potential evidence from Adam's phone. She says she brought this up publicly to make everyone aware of the situation and to warn potential new viewers.

She added that she didn't make this public sooner because she didn't want to make people feel bad for supporting SkyDoesMinecraft over the years.

"I was so afraid because I didn’t want to let others down or ruin their childhoods. I waited so long because I didn’t want to ruin anything for people."

SkyDoesMinecraft has yet to respond to these allegations, and it remains to be seen if they will make a statement or quietly disappear off the internet.

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