What are the allegations against former-Minecraft-streamer Adam Dahlberg, aka SkyDoesMinecraft? (2022)

Adam Dahlberg, famously known as SkyDoesMinecraft, was exposed as an abuser by their ex-girlfriend Elizabeth after she uploaded a statement on Twitter. The former Minecraft YouTuber has since been accused by a number of their former workers and friends in a series of tweets and threads as well.

Note: Adam Dahlberg uses they/them pronouns and will be referred to as such.

Dear Adam Dahlberg aka netnobody afka SkydoesminecraftIts time everyone knows the truth. Im tired of letting you get away with this. The police know.Putting the evidence below since it wont upload appropriately icloud.com/pages/096anNR0…

The first allegation and accusation came from SkyDoesMinecraft’s ex-girlfriend who goes by the name Elizabeth (@Lizbuggie). The user posted a 6,000 word document hosted on iCloud which described her living conditions and continuous abuse by the YouTuber.

"You are a sick man. I spent months and months loving you with my whole entire being. I spent thousands of dollars just to come live with you. You made promises you didn’t want to keep, but promises you made to manipulate my life so you could be in control."
"You use your fame, your name, and your platform to hide the disgusting and disgraceful things that you so claim not to do. You not only verbally abused & degraded me, the mother of your 2nd child, you traumatized me and put me through things NO ONE should ever have to experience. You hurt me for too long, and I am tired of feeling afraid of you and what speaking up may bring. I had to tell people you weren’t abusive, because whenever I said you were, you would harass me and say horrible HORRIBLE things. You were so unkind."
"I do not wish for anybody to have mental health struggles, nor do I wish for somebody, even you, to have such severe struggles. I wanted nothing but to love you and help you heal."

Following the initial statement, she uploaded a number of screenshots and recordings of conversations as evidence of the abuse she had endured. All of the accusations allege Adam Dahlberg as an abuser and due to the seriousness of the matter, the police have been involved.

What are the allegations against former-Minecraft-streamer Adam Dahlberg, aka SkyDoesMinecraft? (1)

Allegations that SkyDoesMinecraft’s friends and coworker’s have put forward against them

Following Elizabeth’s tweet, a number of SkyDoesMinecraft’s known people which included their friends and coworkers, came forward. Along with the allegations of abuse, the YouTuber was accused of gaslighting, manipulation, animal abuse and mental trauma by a number of their friends and coworkers.

A twitter user by the name Alesa (@yeswecannabliss) tweeted a thread about her experience with SkyDoesMinecraft. She mentioned that she kept her son with the YouTuber away when they did not have an active parental plan set.

Pretty much. The only time I ever "kept our son away" was when we didn't have an active parenting plan set up to ensure I'd get him back after visitations. Instead of waiting for the parenting plan, Adam let Keemstar manipulate him into having a breakdown on Dramaalert. twitter.com/GeeElizzy/stat…

Instead of setting up a plan, SkyDoesMinecraft let the controversial-YouTuber Keemstar manipulate them into having a breakdown on DramaAlert. Further on, SkyDoesMinecraft went on to blame their breakdown on Alesa.

What are the allegations against former-Minecraft-streamer Adam Dahlberg, aka SkyDoesMinecraft? (2)

She continued by recounting her experiences where SkyDoesMinecraft had bribed her pet, and alleged them of animal abuse.

When Dawn (his older ex) and I came together to write an affidavit against him, he bribed her by giving her their Pitbul from their relationship (Rascal) in attempts to quiet her and to discredit everything I was saying.Like I said, he uses people and animals for his own gain. twitter.com/unexpectedhigh…

Roblox and Minecraft YouTuber SubZeroExtrabyte also shared his story. He talked about the toxic work environment he had endured while working for SkyDoesMinecraft.

I feel kind of relieved that this stuff is finally coming to light. I worked for Adam for almost half a decade from when I was just 15 years old. I gave up everything - my social life, my sleep, school - to work 20h/day for him - as a child 1/4 twitter.com/TimDotTV/statu…

Ross Pal, a Twitch streamer, recalled an incident when SkyDoesMinecraft was furious at him after he was given a choice to buy his own channel, House_Owner, for $100,000.

However, Ross told them that he would rather just start a new channel with his own name. Ross went on to share a screenshot of his conversation with SkyDoesMinecraft where they forced Ross back into the office after the latter wanted to take some time off.

I was given the option to purchase my channel House_Owner back for $100k and he was furious when I said I would rather just start a new channel than pay for my own name, I still get comments of people not knowing why I changed or thinking I just quit twitter.com/yeswecannablis…
I remember after I left the office I wanted to distance myself to let wounds heal but was immediately forced to be back in https://t.co/6JNt7zs68u

Gizzy Gazza spoke about the reasoning why he hadn't spoken with SkyDoesMinecraft in over 4 years.

There are reasons why Adam/Sky and I haven't spoken in over 4 years. We've had a very on/off friendship throughout the years. He's hurt me, and many others have their own stories too. Maybe one I'll day I'll tell mine, but today, please read Elizabeth's: twitter.com/Lizbuggie/stat…

Another person, Deadlox, mentioned how everyone was scared of SkyDoesMinecraft and how he lost 99% of his friends.

Everyone was so scared of this guy, including myself. Creators spent years being intimidated by him. And he lost 99% of his friends throughout his career. Now you guys know why. Scumbag I’d never be a friend to a guy like that.

Adam “SkyDoesMinecraft” Dahlberg is a 28-year-old American YouTuber who launched their career back in the early 2010’s by creating and developing innovative and fun Minecraft videos on their YouTube channel.

As of now, there is no response from the YouTuber's side. More and more people are speaking up against Adam and more evidence against them is piling up.

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