What happened to SkyDoesMinecraft? Tracing the allegations against Minecraft streamer (2022)

Adam “SkydoesMinecraft,” also known as Netnobody and Sky Does Everything, was a Minecraft YouTuber who gained prominence in the 2010s. He gained an enormous amount of fame on the platform through a series of Minecraft videos.

On January 23, 2022, Elizabeth, SkydoesMinecraft’s ex-girlfriend, uploaded a lengthy document about what she suffered at the YouTuber’s hands. Once his ex put her story out there, it encouraged others to talk about their experiences, with many others coming forward with their own accusations of emotional abuse, gaslighting, and more.

Dear Adam Dahlberg aka netnobody afka SkydoesminecraftIts time everyone knows the truth. Im tired of letting you get away with this. The police know.Putting the evidence below since it wont upload appropriately icloud.com/pages/096anNR0…

Readers be advised that this article contains mentions of s*xual abuse, harassment, and manipulation

SkydoesMinecraft’s ex uploads allegations on Twitter

In the document, Elixabeth spoke about her life with Adam, saying he abused and manipulated her and others, while constantly lying about it. She also accused the YouTuber of using his fame to do a variety of “disgusting” things to her, putting her through experiences she said nobody should have to go through.

She alleged that the YouTuber claimed to be bipolar and potentially on the spectrum, but was also dangerous. Adam would hide her and their child from the public under the guise of protecting the relationship.

She was allegedly made to propose to the YouTuber, who also tried to buy her unborn baby. She also claimed that he does not have the kind of money he once did.

“You even tried convincing me to let you BUY MY UNBORN BABY. You said word for word, 'If you don’t want her I’ll just give you like a hundred grand or something.' You act like your kids are just objects. You haven’t had that kind of money in years.”

Throughout the relationship, when she would try to talk about the problems they were facing, he would instead just make ultimatums and treat her poorly instead. She would cook for him, and he would throw it, declaring he was not going to eat.

She also alleged that SkydoesMinecraft assaulted and harassed other women. Her allegations against the Minecraft YouTuber were lurid, talking about him paying women off and sending explicit photos to young girls, regardless of their age.

“You also have assaulted, and s*xually harassed several woman. Even paid them off with hundreds of thousands of dollars just to protect your 'perfect' little image. You paid a girl to keep quiet years ago because you almost got her pregnant and you didn’t care. You sent n*des to a young girls. You never asked for ages because you never cared. If they walked, you talked.”

The relationship got worse, with Adam breaking things, purposely clogging the drains while she was pregnant, and forcing his fiance’s pig to drink Gatorade, or leaving it outside in the freezing cold.

“You’d lock Albert in the kennel and scream at him. It was freezing cold outside and you'd let him outside. He got lost and nearly froze to death. He was shivering. You did that several times. You'd jump in and out of windows. You'd scattered food over the counter and floors. That's when some people reached back out to me and told me the truth.”

The harassment continued for Elizabeth, with the YouTuber gaslighting her, taking away her food, and telling the authorities she was crazy. He would constantly keep her awake, forcing her into a state of sleep deprivation.

“We were in our green room on the big pink 'Kirby' bean bag. I was trying so hard to shut my eyes for even a moment of sleep. You made me sit up and you squeezed me and started screaming at me to break my Totoro b**g piece, which was a gift to me.”

The harassment continued when they split with constant calls and texts. She finally put her story out online back in January 2022, which can be found on her iCloud post.

Other content creators shared their stories about SkydoesMinecraft

Quite a few creators came out after Elizabeth broke her story, openly sharing all of the things the content creator did to them. Deadlox, a content creator as well, said that many were being intimidated by SkydoesMinecraft, calling him a sc*mbag to boot.

Everyone was so scared of this guy, including myself. Creators spent years being intimidated by him. And he lost 99% of his friends throughout his career. Now you guys know why. Scumbag I’d never be a friend to a guy like that.

Mithzan, a former video editor at Sky Media, posted a Twitlonger. His post was going to be temporary, and he was supposed to be made a talent. Mithzan was given a contract that Adam wanted him to sign which would essentially buy his name, channel, and a year-long non-compete with zero social media presence.

He said he felt brainwashed after working 15-17 hour days, in a “disgusting, unprofessional” environment.

Sky Media, a Fraction of my ExperienceRead: tl.gd/n_1sruiep

Tim, another former Sky Media employee, mentioned in Mithzan’s post, said it was the darkest period of his entire life, and the mental torture and gaslighting was almost too much to bear. Even now, he is still trying to build his self-worth and self-esteem after leaving the company.

Working at Skymedia was the darkest period of my life that I've ever and probably will ever have. Eventually the constant gaslighting and mental torture lead me to nearly kill myself but I decided to take my situation into my own hands and quit/move as far as I could.
Since then it has been a years long battle of trying to rebuild my self-worth and I'm not sure if I'll ever be back to 100% but I'll keep trying. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who believed me and my friends who helped keep me sane at my darkest points :)
I don't feel like going into details, but one fun situation was when my mom had a heart attack and I wanted to go visit her to see if she was OK. This was one of the many times my "loyalty" was threatened and my job was held over my head cause I "had more videos to edit" 😂

SubZeroExtabyte worked for Adam for almost ten years, beginning at 15 years old, and he gave up everything to work for SkydoesMinecraft. He was wildly overworked, given promises that were never kept, and when he was fired, he was not even told by Adam himself.

I feel kind of relieved that this stuff is finally coming to light. I worked for Adam for almost half a decade from when I was just 15 years old. I gave up everything - my social life, my sleep, school - to work 20h/day for him - as a child 1/4 twitter.com/TimDotTV/statu…
There was a point where I was editing 6 videos, did 6 thumbnails per DAY + 2 animations per month for the guy.I worked so incredibly hard. My parents and I were even willing to relocate just so I could continue working for him because of all the promises he made 2/4
After all of that hard work and loyalty to him, one day, I get this email, and it was over. He didn't even have the courtesy to tell me himself. He never thanked me or even acknowledged me anywhere for running almost everything on his channel for so many years I was crushed 3/4 https://t.co/Qy62tOag8Y

Munchingbrotato wound up deleting his YouTube channel after being scared off the platform by Adam. When they finally returned to content creation, Adam published private DMs, which were edited. Even today, the streamer is harassed by SkydoesMinecraft fans.

I deleted my YouTube channel "munchingbrotato" because this nut actually scared me out of my career. I now struggle to pay my bills and tried to start livestreaming again under another name because i thought hey it's been long enough. 1/2 twitter.com/Lizbuggie/stat…
2/2 he then tweeted to his 2million followers private DMS between me and him over facebook "which he edited to make me look bad" calling me a snake and I've still have his fans attacking me for it to this day. He treated me like he owned me.

Gizzy Gazza also posted about their experience with SkydoesMinecraft. He said Adam repeatedly told others not to work with him, cutting him off from the community. The YouTuber also gave him an insulting nickname and people still call him that eight years later.

I'm tired of holding this to myself and with everyone else's courage to come forward today, it's time to tell you my emotional abuse.My experience with Sky/Adam.docs.google.com/document/d/1Mv…

Another user revealed that during the Speaking Out movement, they mentioned a Minecraft YouTuber but never gave the name. But that person in question was Adam.

Remember back in June of 2020 when everyone came out about their Sexual Assault stories & I also came out of mine and I mentioned a Minecraft Youtuber in my third story but never mentioned a name. Story 3 influential Minecraft Youtuber in my tweet long is about Adam/Sky/Netnobody twitter.com/TheFamousFilms…

Another Twitter user, Skelly, wrote a lengthy Twitlonger that highlighted several moments of manipulation, irresponsibility (both of them are parents), substance abuse, and other unfortunate incidents between the two.

Sky/Adam - The perspective of AustinRead: tl.gd/n_1srujba

Alesa offered a story about how he uses people and animals to get out of situations, or to get what he wants.

When Dawn (his older ex) and I came together to write an affidavit against him, he bribed her by giving her their Pitbul from their relationship (Rascal) in attempts to quiet her and to discredit everything I was saying.Like I said, he uses people and animals for his own gain. twitter.com/TerpyClouds/st…

Adam, better known as SkydoesMinecraft, has not made a statement on social media since the allegations came out, and his Sky Does Everything YouTube channel has not had an upload in 9 months.

The allegations against him are incredibly serious, and according to Elizabeth, the police are also aware of the document. No further statements have been made by Adam about these allegations.

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