Who is SkyDoesMinecraft? Minecraft streamer Adam Dahlberg is accused of trauma, abuse, and assault by former girlfriend (2022)

Adam Dahlberg, better known by their YouTube alias "SkyDoesMinecraft," has been accused of trauma, abuse and assault by a former girlfriend. Adam, who gained popularity in the 2010s due to their innovative Minecraft videos, has had a troubled history in a similar context.

Twitter user '@Lizzybuggie' aka Elizabeth released a statement on the social media site in the form of an Apple Document. She explained, in great detail, her relationship with Adam and the instances of abuse and assault she was subjected to while they were together.

Her statement also provided photographic evidence, in addition to official police statements of the events she talked about.

Note: Adam Dahlberg uses they/them pronouns and will be referred to as such.

Dear Adam Dahlberg aka netnobody afka SkydoesminecraftIts time everyone knows the truth. Im tired of letting you get away with this. The police know.Putting the evidence below since it wont upload appropriately icloud.com/pages/096anNR0…

Adam 'SkyDoesMinecraft' Dahlberg faces heavy allegations made by ex-girlfriend

Adam was a prominent Minecraft Youtuber who rose to fame in 2013. They also work as a voice actor and briefly changed their YouTube channel to "SkyDoesEverything."

In 2017, SkyDoesMinecraft was at the center of controversy surrounding their ex-wife Alesa and the custody of their child. With Alesa being accused of cheating multiple times, her public image was tarnished after the entire drama played out.

On January 23, 2022, Twitter user Lizzybug released a comprehensive statement, accusing SkyDoesMinecraft of assault and harassment.

"You hurt, you abuse, you manipulate, you lie. You are a sick man.”

In a 3-page long personal statement, Elizabeth talked about the constant anguish she had to endure throughout their relationship. She explained how Adam would force her into uncomfortable situations, such as pressuring her to get pregnant and proposing to them against her wishes.

Afraid of the power they yielded due to their popularity and how they would exploit it, Elizabeth was apprehensive about leaving them:

“Why didn’t I leave? Why didn’t I run as fast as I could? Because I was scared. You treated me and everybody as peasants and would use your popularity against us.”

She recalls the incident with Alesa, claiming that they manipulated the public context to portray her as the bad one. Throughout her statement, Elizabeth talked about how supportive Alesa was, which stemmed from the fact that she too had to endure the same trauma:

“You made the internet hate Alesa... You used your platform to try and ruin Alesa’s life.”

Elizabeth alleged that SkyDoesMinecraft has bipolar disorder and may be on the spectrum. Their violent tendencies remained while their condition was stable. However, she claimed that they would often go off their medication, leading to long periods of mania and psychosis.

Elizabeth also claimed that SkyDoesMinecraft's behavior would then become more volatile, with instances of them kicking her while she was pregnant and keeping her sleep-deprived for long periods of time:

''It started getting scary and movies don't describe well enough how bad it can get. You started breaking s***. Throwing things.... You started forcing me into sleep deprivation."

Talking about the streamer's obsessive need to maintain control over everything, she accused them of assaulting women and girls, and then paying them off to remain quiet, to protect his image.

Amidst all this, Elizabeth also named her "best friend", a co-conspirator, who witnessed SkyDoesMinecraft abusing her but instead chose to romantically engage with her.

SkyDoesMinecraft's outbursts often led to verbal altercations with YouTuber Taylor "AntVenom" Harris. Elizabeth alleged how Adam would go into fits of rage, often talking about "wanting to kill AntVenom":

“You for some reason kept bringing up antvenom and how badly you wanted to kill him. You were fully in psychosis at this point."
Liz, you're incredibly brave for speaking up. I only ever saw what was going on with Adam through the lens of a phone, but you had to live it. I hope you get the solace that you deserve.In this doc, I was mentioned. For what I did see in video calls, I can vouch for its truth. twitter.com/Lizbuggie/stat…

Apart from the above-mentioned accusations, Elizabeth also alleged that SkyDoesMinecraft had homophobic and racist tendencies. This comes as a stark contrast to the equality-driven persona Adam portrays in the streaming world.

Elizabeth brought further serious accusations, including animal abuse and threatening violence against her newborn daughter. Afraid for her life, and that of those around her, she often called the police on them, but they charmed their way out of the situation. Frustrated and scared, she finally asked her family to step in, who eventually took her to safety.

Her statement concludes with a firm stance - to ensure that SkyDoesMinecraft never puts anyone else through the same abuse that she, Alesa, and countless other women had to face:

"They deserve to know who you really are, before you trap somebody else and make them ask: am I not good enough?"

Support pours in for Elizabeth

The internet has come together to support Elizabeth, commending her courage to come forward. Most people are shocked at these allegations towards one of their favorite childhood streamers.

Years. I've stood by and watch Adam as a child, laughing, crying from his stories and videos..it seems like all lies..Now, I see all of this. People's stories. It's disheartening, depressing...I'm sorry to all of those who've been affected by this. My heart goes out to you. twitter.com/Lizbuggie/stat…
Please let this be the last time he has to be cancelled, so many people have come out about similar situations and he’s still so present and active. Nobody else needs to go through this twitter.com/lizbuggie/stat…
so proud of her for coming forward with this twitter.com/lizbuggie/stat…
Every time I think it's bad...it just gets worse.Wishing you the absolute best. twitter.com/Lizbuggie/stat…
Something to keep in mind is that unfortunately, you should NEVER EVER idolize content creators just because they're content creators. You don't know these people personally. You can like their content but you cannot say you like them as a person because you do not know them. twitter.com/Lizbuggie/stat…
please take your time to read through this and watch her videos, this is absolutely disgusting. twitter.com/Lizbuggie/stat…
i'm in complete and total shock. i found myself crying while reading this. this is absolutely awful. please support her. twitter.com/Lizbuggie/stat…
Saluting this woman for doing what myself and some others could not.I wanted to see the good in Adam so badly, even when he would break down constantly and make me, a 19yr old in CANADA, feel responsible for whether he lived or died. My eyes are fully opened. Thank you Liz. twitter.com/lizbuggie/stat…

Adam Dahlberg has yet to comment on the issue.

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